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From Gen. Asalam Beg: Supreme Court Judgment on

ACM Asghar Khan’s Petition


The above has been mailed directly to the blog moderator.

From:   General Mirza Aslam Beg

Subject:         Supreme Court Judgment on ACM Asghar Khan’s Petition      

Last night, talking to the ARY TV Channel’s programme “Eleventh Hour”, I said that after appointing Lt Gen M. Asad Durrani as Ambassador to Germany, an Affidavit was obtained from him, naming the politicians, alleged to have received the money from ISI, in 1990.


After this Affidavit, Gen Durrani wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto for “Eyes Only”. A few extracts from this letter were presented in the above programme, as given below:



“A few points, I could not include in my confessional statement, handed over to the director FIA. These could be embarrassing or sensitive:


1.      The recipients included Ghulam Mustafa Khar 2 Millions, Hafeez Pirzada 3, Sarwar Cheema 0.5 and Mairaj Khalid 0.2 Millions.

2.      The remaining 80 Ms were deposited in the ISI ‘K’ fund.

3.      The operation not only had the “blessings” of the President and the “whole hearted participation” of the caretaker political government, but was also in the knowledge of the Army High Command.


The point that I have “war gamed” in my mind very often is: what is the object of this exercise?


4.      If it is to target the opposition, it might be their legitimate right to take donations, especially if they come through ‘sacred channels.”

5.      If the idea is to put Gen Beg on the mat; he was merely providing logistic support to donations made by a community under instructions from the Government and with the consent of the military high command.

6.      Ghulam Ishaq Khan would pretend ignorance, as indeed he never involved himself directly.


Every sentence of the above extracts contains words with deep meaning. For information and evaluation of the readers.


Aslam Beg


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