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India pull things back with quick wickets

South Asia’s bitter rivals Pakistan and India are meeting again on the cricket ground, marking a gradual thaw in their decades-old rivalry. The first bilateral series between India and Pakistan since November 2007, comprising two Twenty20 matches and three one-day internationals, began on December 25, with Pakistan winning the first T20 by five wickets in a close encounter but India levelled the series with an 11-run win.

Pakistan won the first of the three ODIs in Chennai by six wickets while the second ODI gets underway today at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Stick around as brings all the action  analysis  from the match.

Readers are invited to be share their input and analysis, set the field, live commentate, share pictures, predict the outcome of the match. Have your say as Pakistan takes on India in what promises to be a cracking showdown.

Comments Posted on by Iqbal Hadi Zaidi

What a disaster for Pakistan to slump down so cheaply after such a good opening stand between Nasir Jamshaid and T-20 captain Hafeez but then none could hold on. Hefeez has very rightly led his team to follow him in building good score but alas it could not be cashed as it ought to be. Nasir was left alone to steer Pakistan to some respectable total which he did by scoring a century but then what did present captain Mibah or for that matter previous captains Youns or Shoaib for that matter who aotted are not more than a burden on us and because of their presence others cannot be slotted in. Players like Nasir Jamshed be brought in and old tried white elephants if we really want to flutter Pakistan flag atop in cricketing nations.
With my honest and sincere prayers

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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