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CIA Abandoning TTP - The Beginning of the End


Latif Mehsud, second in command of the so called "Tehriq e Taliban Pakistan" was captured by the US forces a few days ago in Afghanistan, after Pakistan's ISI tipped off US forces of the "top commander of the Afghan Taliban". Little did they realise they had arrested a CIA asset. Why the US arrested him is a sign that the TTP is crumbling.


It took many naive US soldiers by surprise when they realised that this dreaded militant was being escorted by officials of the Afghan intelligence and Afghan army, we were travelling in vehicles with Latif Mehsud at the time of his capture. Upon interrogation by US forces, it was revealed that, their destination was the Indian High Commission in Jalalabad. Latif Mehsud is currently under arrest at Bagram Airbase awaiting further interrogation.


So why did US capture their ex-henchman? Well 2014 is around the corner...the endgame has arrived which means the end of the TTP. This outfit was considered a strategic asset of the CIA inside Pakistan, but as the US prepares to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, the decision of the CIA is to obliterate the TTP rather than risk this group going rogue and his arrest is a clear indication of that.


Those of you who don't know, US forces REFUSED on many occasions to attack TTP camps inside Afghanistan because the TTP had not attacked US forces - in fact, soon after the Malala incident (where TTP operatives had come from Afghanistan), the US refused to arrest known militants associated with the attack on her.


Soon after Mehsud's arrest, Karzai unleashed his anger over US forces in public for their unilateral action. Karzai and India want to keep TTP intact post-US withdrawal. The US on the other hand seems to have opposed that for various reasons.


Conclusion: India is desperately trying to keep Pakistan bleeding, but it looks like India's love affair with Afghanistan has come to a grinding halt. India's Afghanistan project has miserably failed - it had put its faith in the UNOCOL elected Afghanistan government (City Hall of Kabul in reality) yet this fake government was not able to put its writ on any part of Afghanistan. In fact, the central government today is weaker than it was 5 years ago!


Post 2014 will be Pakistan's retribution phase, which has already started in Kashmir. Many within Pakistan are openly calling for support to Khalistan and the Northeast Separatists coupled with cooperation from Dravida Nadu separatists in South India. Indian think tanks are in panic mode at the moment - their crimes inside Pakistan have been Himalayan in nature but retribution is bound to be higher in quantity as well as in quality.


Game on India...the ball is in our court now. Enjoy the ride!

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