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War with Pakistan, troops in Afghanistan, friends with Iran, …. India prepares for war against Pak..

Q: You are also supposed to be an authority on foreign relations, how do you look at what is happening in middle-east especially the way ISIS is marching ahead with vengeance? According to some media reports, the ISIS has the vision of an Islamic state that stretches up to Gujarat in India. How serious is that from Indian perspective.

Swamy: Serious enough for us to prepare for war. We’ll have a war.

Q: War with whom?

Swamy: War with the Islamic caliphate that will be set up very soon which will include Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Q: What should the Government of India do?

Swamy: Start preparing. Send troops to Afghanistan. Make friends with Iran because they are Shiites and those militants are all Sunnis.

Q: You want India to send troops to both Afghanistan and Iraq?

Swamy: Yes, to Iraq to save our people and I’m happy that India has send its warship there. India should send at least 200,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Q: There is a fear that once these Americans leave, these Talibans will get upper hand and they will turn their focus towards Kashmir.

Swamy: There is no fear, it’s a certainty. Americans will hand over Afghanistan to Taliban and go. And their appetite is Jehad and Kashmir is the obvious place. So we should be ready to go to war. You don’t start the war. They’ll start it and you finish it.

Q: A related question is, what, according to you, would be the solution for Kashmir dispute because it’s lingering for quite a long time.

Swamy: Military solution as there is no peaceful, democratic solution. We have to disown Jawaharlal Nehru and say that he took this matter to UN without the sanction of the cabinet and therefore, it’s an illegal application. Withdraw the application from the UN and put Pakistan on notice and clear out.

Q: Do you think India has the military might to defeat Pakistan?

Swamy: We can acquire the military might. We have the man power for that .

Q: Till the time we acquire that, what should we do?

Swamy: How much time do you want? Have you studied the problem? I have studied it. We need two years only.

Actually, we can defeat Pakistan even today. But we have to neutralize China.

Q: But Pakistan is a nuclear weapons state.

Swamy: So what? Let them use nuclear weapons. We’ll use it on them. There will be no Pakistan left. May be 100 million will die, no problem.

Somebody misled Modi to say nation needs 'bitter medicine', says Subramanian Swamy (India TV Exclusive)

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