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Iqbal Hadi Zaidi, former Pakistani diplomat on Thursday 22nd May, 2014 visited Sheikh Nawaf Building, Ministry of Interior’s Head Quarters in Subhan to meet Brig Adel Ahmad Hashash, Director, Public Relations & Moral Guidance Division.

Last month Adel has been promoted from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier and therefore Iqbal composed a befitting poem captioned, ‘Promoted Are You’ which he presented to Brig Adel on the day. Brig was really taken by surprise to see the poem as he has met Zaidi on different functions over the past few years but he never ever had even the slightest idea that Iqbal can compose poems as well. Brig was full of praise while he listened the poem recited by Iqbal and thanked him from his core of heart on such a lovely and inspiring composition. Brig was neither reluctant nor hesitant to very frankly admit that none has composed such like poem for him till this date which he said is a life remembering gift in any case.


Both chatted for a while in very warm, congenial and cordial atmosphere and exchanged some pleasantries of the glorious past. Iqbal remarked that many long years back he met Adel for the very 1st time when he was Captain and since then they have met on many cultural, religious, educational, social and diplomatic functions etc. However, their latest meeting, though very short, was this year on 25th February in Subhan where Ministry of Interior has erected a huge tent inviting public to participate in the celebrations to mark Kuwait’s National Day and Liberation Day.


Brig remarked that Kuwait and Pakistan have very strong and deep rooted relations for over many decades. They cooperate in many fields including economic, cultural, educational and social, to name just a few. There have been many meetings between top leadership of both the countries as Amir and Prime Minister have visited Pakistan whereas in reciprocation Pakistan President and Prime Minister came to Kuwait. So many ministerial delegations of both Kuwait and Pakistan have participated in different conferences and summits. Brig said that Kuwait can never ever forget Pakistan whose Armed Forces were part and parcel of Allied Task Force to eject Iraq which had invaded Kuwait. Brig said it aloud that Pakistan President’s visit to Kuwait to participate in its Golden Jubilee cannot be forgotten whatsoever. Iqbal quipped saying that thousands of Pakistanis are not only working here but doing very roaring businesses as well which itself proves that Kuwait is second home for them and interestingly quite a good number of Pakistanis are living here for decades not just years.


Brig very profusely thanked again Iqbal for the poem and asked him to meet again as and when time permits.

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