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Thanks to King Salman for the revival of Hijazi Tone in MasjidAlNabawi ! by AbdulRahman Shoro
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Dr. AbdAllah bin Muhammad bin Sulaiman AlJarAllah by AbdulRahman Shoro
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Thanks to King Salman for the revival of Hijazi Tone in MasjidAlNabawi !

Last night I listened to Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob, who returned in Haram AlNabawi after nearly two decades to lead prayer . The Shaikh's voice was slightly crying because his desire got fulfilled after decades .

Iam thanking King Salman bin AbdAlaziz AlSaud for allowing Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob to be once again Imam of HolyMosque of Madina . However The Honorable King Salman also approved the names of Highly-renowned reciters Shaikh Yasir AlDosary and Shaikh Dr.Khalid bin Sulaiman AlMehna to be the Imams of HolyMosques of Makkah and Madina respectively in the blessed month of Ramadan . It should also be noted that Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob was ordered for recording His recitations in KingFahad Quranic Complex by the Late King Fahad. 

The point which makes me astonished is the Return Back of Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob in MasjidAlNabawi , because this is not just a name of person . but a glory to Hijazi Tone of Recitation . The World recognizes him as one of the Pioneers of Hijazi-Mode recitations world-wide in contemporary reciters.

For a long period , he was not leading prayers in MasjidAlNabawi . So the Lovers of Hijazi Tone used to listen recorded recitations but now By Allah's grace , The Whole Ummah will listen the beautiful Hijazi Tone on-air . The relish in enjoying a Live broadcast as compared to recorded one is much different .

 I remember when the Dr.Ahmed bin Talib b. Humaid was promoted as Imam of MasjidAlNabawi , the media showed that the newly-selected Imam reminds of Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob and His Hijazi Recitation . But now , No need to Remeber Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob as he is with us now . Indeed the approval of King , won the hearts of Lovers of Maqam-AlHijazi.

There is a video on YouTube named (امنية للشيخ محمد ايوب) in which the interviewer asks Shaikh Muhammad Ayoob about his Desires . When the Respected Shaikh mentioned his desire , the tears burst out . He desired to be once again Imam of MasjidAlNabawi before His death . Now By Allah's grace , the King approved and hence his desire got fulfilled . The second desire of Shaikh was that , May his all children be the memorizers of HolyQuran . The Shaikh in that interview thanked Allah that 2nd desire has also been fulfilled .

May Allah bless the Shaikh with Long Life , Good Health and Happiness of the both the Worlds . Ameen .


AbdulRahman Shoro , Jeddah-based , High-school student 

Writer on Religio-Social and educational issues.

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