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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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What VIP culture we talk about in Pakistan? Let me tell you all very   openly what happens in Kuwait where its VIPs are much wealthier than Pakistan but yet they mix up with people and are not scared at all as my Pakistani VIPs are. Before I touch the subject let me jot down per capita income of a Pakistani and that of a Kuwaiti in US $ as under:-

IMF 2015WB 2011-15CIA 1993-15Total

Pakistan4,906,4,8114,814,90014,611divided by 3= 4,870

Kuwait70,542      71,312              72,200          214,054divided by 3=71,351

I need not elucidate it as the figures themselves speak aloud about the two countries under reference.

Tue 14th Dec 2016 MP Saad Al Khanfourhosted dinner to mark wedding of his son and the function was held in big tent for men only and invitation was extended to everybody through an advertisement in newspaper and big boards were erected on the main road of the tent inviting all citizens to attend. The advertisement will mention in broad capitals that no gift accepted meaning by that invitees eat free and go back without bothering about any gift in cash or kind.  Printed invitation cards were also issued to many including me.

When I was about half a kilometer away I could see flood of cars going towards the wedding tent while so many cars had already been parked on both sides of the road. It was next to impossible to park any car within 300 meters of tent as the place had already been filled up to the maximum. One police car was already not because VIP was due but because thousands of men were expected to come and I see police car on such events in any case.

People had queued up to greet MP and his son while video films were being made by two men and there were 5 press photographers also to cover the event. All those who were seated or were standing excluding the queues were served cookies, dates, tea, coffee and cold drinks. Traditional Arab drums were beaten outside the tent where both old and young Kuwaitis were dancing and thrilling. I could see many elite of the city including members of ruling Al Sabah family, ministers and MPs both resent and past and other important personalities.  They all came greeted MP and the groom, got them photographed, sipped Arabic coffee and went off in about 15 to 20 minutes. About 2 hours later I saw PM HH ShJabar Mubarak Al Sabah entering the tent accompanied by his 2 personal staff only with no police escorts and security ring. Many people could kiss his forehead in respect while others shook hand with PM and none stopped them doing so. PM left after 15 minutes.

Many times I have attended funerals. Few times when I was there to condole, I found Head of the State Amir HH Sh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jabar Al Sabah offering condolences with no security and protocol. None will believe that Amir sits with the aggrieved party and shares their grief exactly like any other person. No security staff comes in advance to check safety and security arrangements before Amir Visits. Once I saw Amir sat in front with the driver when going back after offering his condolences.

Alas in my beloved Pakistan we believe and profess in false prestige and our VIPs feel too proud to notice that all roads and approaches are sealed at least two hours before if not more as and when any VIP visits any place without caring the least that at the same time a sick may be going to hospital or someone is to catch a flight or train or even a dead body is to be buried. What really pricks me the most is that many a times it is reported in newspapers that due security cordon either an ambulance could not reach hospital or someone missed the flight but our VIPs are not pushed at all whatsoever.  I will not be surprised at all on knowing that the police officers get commendation certificates from the VIPs for blocking the roads for them for two hours.

Shame, utter shame, is our name.

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