"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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                   The only affectionate creation of Almighty Allah (God) is the Mother. No parameter exists in the World on which the love of a mother is gauged. She is a symbol of mercy and endurance of every hardship. The anxiety and irritability of a mother is worth to be noted when her child is suffering from pain and illness. She is the symbol of sacrifice and that is why she sacrifices her each happiness on the comfort and better life of her children. Her well-wishing instinct knows no bound and that is why she works in the farming fields, schools, hospitals, factories, in the houses of other people etc, to educate her children and to enable them to lead a decent life. She does not perform her these duties in the hope of any reward or medals. In 99.9 percent cases, she quarrels with her husband for her children and invites his attention to the basic needs of the children. She not only fulfils the material needs of her children but also provide them with spiritual education in shape of those rules and regulations relating to right and wrong, morality, decency, chastity, righteousness and honour which she had inherited from her mother at her childhood.

                   Almighty Allah has strictly enjoined the sons and daughters in the Holy Quran to be extremely courteous and polite to parents and the Medical Science of modern age has proved that the Nervous System of an old person becomes too weak to bear any stress, be that in shape of a harsh word or act. The Universality of the Message of Islam has now been corroborated by the whole World when the people decided at least one day in a year of 11th May to be observed for the Mothers in recognition of their role being played by them in the betterment of their young ones.

                   The heart of a mother is so unique and second to non that if it was miraculously implanted by the Almighty Allah in the chests of every individual, then due to this heart of mother in each individual's chest, the whole World will become a piece of Paradise on the earth.

                   If you wrote about anyone at present living in this World, the word "exaggeration" can be used for that but this word cannot be used for an Article written in enumerating the best qualities of a mother. A girl can realize the agony of a mother when she herself becomes a mother and the same is the case of a boy.

                   This is an extreme limit of the desire of a mother for a better life of her children when she lays down on a railway track for the suicide. She cannot see and bear the phenomenon of her starving children or inability to educate them in the schools.

                   Islam has declared every day and every moment for the look after of the old and dilapidated parents because their favours innumerable and even cannot be counted in a single day of 11th May.

                   The value and significance of a mother has been realized more than 14 hundreds years ago when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah's peace and blessings upon him) declared the right of mother 3:1 to that of father, i.e. the right of mother is three times greater than that of a father.

                   At this stage, it is necessary to make mention of a person in my village when his mother died, he was behaving abnormally, someone asked him why he had made that condition, he replied that everyone would die but he had been grieved by the shutting down of a mouth invoking blessings for him.

                   It is the bad luck of those people when their parents fulfilled their every demand according to their (parents) financial condition when they were of tender age but when they were grown up they forsook their parents at old age at the mercy of either Government of other charity Centres. The parents are considered as burden and are sent to such centres where they are compelled to spend the rest of their lives in complete deprivation and despondency.

                   If the people wish to avoid the retribution of the evils which they committed in the past, should make a U-turn in the attitude and behaviour with the old parents in order to be good citizen of a Country and to get a better place in the Paradise in the life after death.


Manzoor Ahmad

B.Sc; L.L.B M.A. Political Science,

Marghuz Balar Khel, District Swabi, NWFP,

Dated: 10-5-2008.


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