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Safar mein Roza


A working lady who commutes daily from Jhelum to Islamabad was told by her bearded colleague that she could not observe fast (Roza) during Ramzan as she undertakes a journey of more than 40 miles. He advise her to observe Qaza Rozas for the days missed. No amount of arguments of the present day comfortable mode and form of journey compared to the 1500 years ago journey could convince the gentleman. The problem with the lady is that she doesn't know for how long she will be working in Islamabad and keep undertaking daily travel exceeding 40 miles.  As such, how and when will she observe the Qaza Rozas?. The colleague not to be outdone has an answer to it as well and gave the ruling to observe the Qaza Rozas on Sundays and other working holidays. The poor lady feels demoralised to be deprived of the only few days that offer her respite and some recreation from her daily arduous and gruelling routine.


I thought Islam professed that there was nothing difficult in it - la ikra fiddeen! Why make it difficult for the lady?

 Reply:   what is the real objective of you, by putting this thing here, Mr Riaz
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (2/Sep/2008)

The man of course has very limited knowledge of Islam, for roza, it is optional for the one to have it or not durinf safar. Its not like prayer that one has to take advantage of the relaxation, for roza it is not mandatory and one can do fasting if one want to do during journey, and if one don't want to do during journey then he can do it later. But my concern is, what was your objective of posting this thing here. You shouldnt Q Islam for every individual act of each individual man, please.
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