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Acting President briefed about Benazir Income Support Program

fah-raja.jpgPPP Greater Lonon : Acting President Dr. Fehmida Mirza on Monday said that the democratic government was committed to uplift of the masses and poverty alleviation was its top priority. She made these remarks while talking to Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Mrs. Farzana Raja who called on her at Parliament House here.

The Acting President said that BISP was in accordance with the commitment of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to the downtrodden of the society.

She asked for expediting the disbursement of the funds under the BISP so that the needy and poor could get relief.

Mrs. Farzana Raja said the preparation for the disbursement of funds for the Benazir Income Support Program was in final stage and the payments will be made to the deserving families, shortly.

She said the amount of Rs. 2000 would be paid through Post Offices and will

be delivered to the needy at their doorsteps.

She said in order to save the cost of disbursement, the deserving families will be paid after every two months.

She said the amount will be transferred to the post offices according to the lists prepared by the NADRA.

Farzana Raja  said that the whole system will be very transparent as the lists being sorted out by NADRA.

The Chairperson informed that BISP has received 65,000 applications till today out of which 17001 applications have been processed.

She said that world Bank and other international donors have also showed their willingness and interest to support BISP.

Farzana Raja said the ambit of the program will also be extended to Health and Crop insurance in the near future.

She also apprised the acting president about her recent visit to India and said that the Indian parliamentarians and media were much impressed by the Benazir Income Support Program for the families in Pakistan and they greatly appreciated it.

Agha Tanveer Iqbal
Secretary Information
Pakistan Peoples Party
Greater London
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