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Teachers' Uniform


Shahbaz Sharif is doing great commendable work.. He has vowed to eliminate the spurious drugs from the province and a number of chemist shops and drug stores were raided and sealed by the inspectors at Rawalpindi the other day. In the field of education apart from other improvements he has introduced a dress code for the male teachers in the province and instructed it to be implemented strictly.  May I, through the columns of your esteemed daily, ask him to lay down a similar dress code also for the lady teachers at ALL "“ private as well as government "“ schools and colleges for the girls and women.  Needless to say that it will inculcate austerity, simplicity and uniformity among the teachers who act as the role models for their students.  It will also come as a great relief to quite a few teachers haling from the middle and low income groups who cannot afford a different dress-a-day to "˜compete' with some of their high class snob colleagues who display nonchalantly a different matching attire daily some never to be worn twice !



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 Reply:   who cannot afford a different dress-a-day to 'compete' with .....
Replied by(Mrssara) Replied on (7/Jan/2009)

but its reality that students like to study by good dressng teacher.if there vl b DRESS CODE for females then there vl b selection of proper dress code not suit or coat like our female news casters.
being a col u must know that in ur army there z dress code of britishers.there must b muzlim dress code SHALWAR KAMIZ WITH TOPI instead of SDs or alla balla. ur dress code is same like britishers .n u ppl have forgot that britishers have left but u ve nt left their traditions.
rewrite ur words again FOR APPRECIATING.
apologize for any inconvenience........?
thank u

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