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Government of Pakistan

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


Information Minister Seeks Women Parliamentarian's Participation for Special Programming on Women

Says State Media's Potential to be Utilized to Push for Women's Development


The Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ms Sherry Rehman chaired an inter-parliamentary meeting for deliberations on effective use of state media resources for the cause of women empowerment.


"Despite their meaningful contribution in national life, women have not been served most effectively by the media. There is certainly need for readjustment of the existing communication outreach structure to create adequate space for women's development by way of information and awareness of their rights, and enhancing their representation," said Ms Sherry Rehman talking to the media following the extensive meeting in Islamabad that had participation from leading parliamentarians.


Ms Sherry Rehman stressed that the contribution of women parliamentarians be highlighted through the media. "Women parliamentarians have achieved great milestones in the seven years of their presence in the national assembly. Women have been the drivers of parliamentary business, playing a very important role in enabling the parliament to serve as a platform to address public issues. The bulk of call attention notices, points of order and pro-women legislation on important issues come from women parliamentarians. This reflects their commitment as public representatives to deliver on the agenda of welfare."


The Federal Information Minister said that despite the dedication of women MPs for the cause of pro-women legislation, there is gap between legislative efforts and the ground situation where common women have little understanding of the steps being taken to address their issues. She proposed a programme titled 'Women's Hour' to be led by women parliamentarians to cover a diverse range of issues challenging women in domestic and public sphere. "Such a programme can work as a step towards developing an inclusive structure for women's participation in the national life. It offers limitless opportunities to set perspective on the significance of women's role in the society as well as to explore the possibilities of value addition of their services. As the Programme would facilitate greater interaction between the parliamentarians and the public, it has the potential to boost government's counter-terrorism efforts as well, since public representatives could convey their standpoint on the issue."


The Federal Minister also formed a committee comprising women parliamentarians from different political groups to assist in the content development of 'Women's Hour'. The Committee includes Yasmin Rehman, Khushbakht Shujaat, Nosheen Saeed and Justice Retd Fakhrunnisa. The parliamentarians expressed their support for the Information Minister's efforts, and committed to work alongside the state media to enable it to deliver on the agenda of public service.   


The Federal Minister emphasised the importance of quality in content presentation describing it as an important elements in drawing market and advertisement revenue for the programme. "Any programming on women should be developed in a manner that it inspires, informs and raises pertinent questions about the existing social norms and equations that seek to marginalise women and deprive them of their constitutional rights and entitlements." The Minister also instructed the PTV Administration to allot special slot around the prime time for 'Women's Hour' to facilitate a wider viewership.


The Federal Minister informed the participants of the PTV's forthcoming series on women titled 'Shanakht', prepared by the WAF Activist Ms Nageen Hayat, in line with the Minister's desire for women-specific programming. The programme focuses on a number of subjects concerning women and highlights the contribution of women working in multiple sectors, in national life.


Ms Sherry Rehman said that the Pakistan Peoples Party government has a clear position on women's empowerment as it sees women's rights as human rights. "This is a representative government and we are making maximum efforts to extend the gains of democratic order to all marginalised sections of the society including women. Being the Information Minister, I see this as my personal responsibility to enhance participation and representation opportunities for women in the media."


The parliamentarians that attended the meeting included: Ms Nausheen Saeed, Ms Bushra Gohar, Senator Sadia Abbasi, Ms Shakeela K Kashif, Ms Samina Pugganwala, Justice Retd Fakhrunnisa Khokhar, Ms Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli, Mrs Belum Hussain, Ms Raheela Baloch and Ms Kushbakht Shujaat, among others.

Agha Tanveer Iqbal
Secretary Information
PPP Greater London
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