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Khadim, Khidmat and Makhdoom 


Having read a little Faael, Fael and Mufeool (subject, verb and object) of Urdu grammar, I wonder how could a Makhdoom (object) do a Khidmat (verb) for a Khadim (subject "“ in the grammatical as well as literary sense - riaya)? It is always the subject (Khadim) who does the verb (Khidmat) for an object (the Makhdoom). Makhdoom is by instinct, nature and genes designed to get the khidmat  from the khadims  and not the vice versa. The whole grammar would turn topsy-turvy and collapse causing irreparable damage to Urdu and Arabic literature if the object turns into subject and initiates the verb. I would, therefore, in order not to play havoc with the grammar, request the honourable Makhdooms in politics to renounce their Makhdoomship forthwith and pass on the mantle to the present Khadims to make them the Makhdooms and become themselves Khadim,  if they are really sincere in doing some Khidmat of the  masses.



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 Reply:   True analysis
Replied by(naveedraja007) Replied on (11/Feb/2009)

Very good analysis and strong point raised in this beautiful paragraph. Now I understood why our whole system is opposite to each other.
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