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Call for arrest of Musharraf  under high treason charges  

Accountability of all the military dictators must be ensured

Farooq Tariq book "Facing The Musharraf Dictatorship" launched in Lahore


Speakers stressed the need for accountability of military dictator General Musharraf and demanded his immediate arrest. These views were expressed at the book launching ceremony of "Facing The Musharraf Dictatorship" written by Farooq Tariq at Lahore Press Club on 10 April, attended by over 250.


The speakers included Abid Hasan Minto, president National Workers Party, Abdul Majeed Kanjo, president Saraiki National Party, Professor Maqbool Ahmad Babri, a renowned social scientist, Furrukh Suhail Goindi, president Foundation for Democracy, Bushra Khaliq, general secretary Women Workers Help Line, Mohammed Yousaf Baluch chairman National Trade Union Federation, Hamidu Din Almashriqi, president Khaksar Tehrik and Khalid Mehmood, director Labour Education Foundation.


Professor Maqbool Babri termed the book as a "hand book" for political activist that must be read all over the world. He narrated several interesting incidents when Farooq Tariq was his student at the University of Punjab in mid seventies, "he was always like that motivating other students to be active in Left politics, "during his student days, he was much known for his courage and capacity to sacrifice for socialist cause". Maqbool Bari told the packed hall of Lahore Press Club, I had disagreements with Farooq Tariq about his emphasis on working within Pakistan Peoples Party, and however, they corrected this by launching Labour Party Pakistan. The book written by Farooq Tariq is a fine effort to record the struggle conducted against a military dictator".


Abid Hasan Minto president National Workers Party spoke about the need to build a mass consciousness against military take over. He cited the example of India where 121 constitutional amendments were carried out by the parliament but army never intervened, this is because of the mass consciousness against the dictatorial measures. He said the India is not at all a fine example of democracy, there is big question of exploitation of the working class but we must follow their path of opposing any take over by any dictator.


Abid Hassan Minto spoke about the need for accountability of the military rulers and that it must be done to ensure a safe future.. He said activists like Farooq Tariq is following the footsteps of its elder generations who have faced much tougher military dictators than general Musharraf.  He said the book deal with several aspects of the struggle against the military dictator Musharraf. It also bring into notice of every one about the need for Left unity and principles on which Left should unite. The book also discusses the politics of privatization, carried out by Musharraf regime.


Abdul Majeed Kanjo president Saraiki National Party said the book is a running commentary of the political match that was going on in 2007-2008. "The match has finished by the commentary is still going on" said the veteran nationalist leader of Saraki nation. Andul Majeed Kanjoo said that Farooq Tariq represent 150 million people out of 160 million population of Pakistan . We want him to continue his revolutionary political commentary, he added.


Furrukh Suhail Goindi, an author, publisher and president Foundation for Democracy, said that Farooq Tariq struggle for democracy and Socialism is much beggar than the scope of the book. Once I said in one meeting of Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhotto Group), where I was secretary information, that if I leave PPP and I have to join any other political party, I would love to join Labour Party Pakistan. He said that my friendship with Farooq Tariq is expanding over 22 years and it is my longest friendship with any person. That is because of the revolutionary commitment that Farooq Tariq has shown all the time.

He said when he was underground and arrived at our place after escaping an arrest; my partner took his photograph that is now published in the book. No one can recognize him in that dress. He said that there should be accountability of all the military dictators who have ruled in Pakistan .


Yousaf Baluch chairman National Trade Union Federation said that I know Farooq Tariq for long time and he is always building working class struggle and movements. Yousaf Baluch said that one of the trade union leader Moeen Nawaz Punno commented after Farooq arrival from abroad that be ready, programme for rallies will come from Farooq and it always happened, he will never rest and always be ready to struggle.


Bushra Khaliq secretary Women Workers Help Line said that Farooq Tariq is fine example to follow for political activists. He is creating examples for other to follow. He is leader and builder. His book is very good simple reading of events that led to the resignation of General Musharraf. I have seen his courage and commitment for Socialism. This is the only way forward. The book must be read by every political and trade union activists.


Farooq Tariq told the audience that this book is not the history of the General Mushraf 8 years of dictatorship but limited to decisive last 18 months of his power period. I wrote the article at the time not in the hope to print it as a book but it turned like that. He demanded the arrest of Musharraf and a trial of the dictator. He announced to go to a court to register a case against General Musharraf and the police officers who arrested him several times just for his demand to restore democracy.


The book launching ceremony was organised by Good Books  and attended by a large number of women and political activists. 


Report By: Khaliq Shah

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