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H.E. Prof Dr Moodi Al Hamood, Minister for Higher Education and Minister for Education patronised Engineering Designs Exhibition co-hosted by Engineering & Petroleum College, Kuwait University and Kuwait  Science Foundation held at Khaldiya Campus on Wednesady 27th January, 2010. She deputised Prof Dr Abdullah Al-Fuhaid, Vice Chancellor to inaugurate the exhibition. H.E. graced the event a little later. Iqbal  Hadi Zaidi, former Pakistani diplomat was an invitee at the exhibition.
Photo 5081 shows the inaugural where Guest of Honour Prof Dr Fuhaidellor, Vice  Cahnc is in center flanked by Prof Dr, Tahir Al Sahhaf, Dean, Petrolemum & Enginerring on right and Dr. Jassim Al Bashara, Director Culture, Kuwait Science Foundation on left. Zaidi  can be seen in 2nd row.
Photo 5085 shows Zaidi with VC
Photo 5173 shows Zaidi with H.E. Prof Dr Moodi, Minister for Higher Education and Minister for Educaion (wearing black embroidered gown)


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