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Tuesday 09 March 2010

 Pakistani National Data & mobile phone’s records handed to US?


By Dr Shahid Qureshi
& Fawad Ali Shah
London: Pakistani Interior Ministry under Rehman Malik linked/handed over National Data Base, (NADRA) with/to US and British embassies in Islamabad.  It was handed over by a very high level official of the interior ministry yesterday according to sources.
The Interior Ministry also linked the Database available on the systems of mobile companies. In this way British and US embassies would be able to access details of the person or persons and their whole family by entering National Identity card number.  By using the data of the mobile phone companies one can ‘triangulate’ the exact location of the mobile phone user, his call history, SMS and voice messages. The behind is that it will facilitate the Visa process.
USA and UK will be able to keep an eye on the movements of the people of Pakistan. After the breaking of this news other embassies for example: France, Australia, Denmark and Canada based in Islamabad also demanded similar facilities. There is a possibility that any one can misuse this facility.

While talking to the London Post in Islamabad a senior official at the interior ministry denied any knowledge of this move and said, ‘it is not possible’. 
If true it is a very serious matter in the current scenario as one would like to know if US and Britain also extended same facility to Pakistani embassy in Washington and High Commission in London.
Pakistan is already sharing PICES System border control data with the USA, which India refused to install on its borders entry and exit points because US refused to provide configuration codes.

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