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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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HAVING read about Musharraf's "Essence of Islam" in the article: Queen Sehba: The First Qadiani Queen, it is important to briefly trace his "grooming". How is it that a Pakistani Army Man got recruited in the "war on terror" and carries on with this "stupidity" (see article in Guardian below) despite clinical depression. He is a dead man walking. he has no where to run. If he tells the truth, he loses his life. If he doesn't, he is dead also because his crimes against the nation and his treason is fully exposed.

Very briefly, the 1965 War saved Musharraf from a Court Martial. In 1966 he was in Cherat and very close to the CIA operatives there. Musharraf's opportunism, his love for wine and women was a common denominator for his groomers.

In 1968, Musharraf got married and converted to Qadiani to make this marraige happen. His groomers loved the change in his talk (though they did not know the inside story then). They loved Musharraf so much that he carried on in SSG for seven years. (The details will appear shortly in these pages). He was discovered by Mossad and people in Kababir . Then came the rapid promotions.

Then came the fooling of Nawaz Sharif into appointing him to two posts. The Coup had been planned long ago. The H-Plan was being worked on from Kababir since 1954. They had the perfect man. A man who could agree to kill Muslims, his fellow countrymen, in the "war on terror" without remorse. And when he was going to be found out he had another Coup on November 3, 2007 with the full support of his groomers. And now the rigged elections will be acceptable to his groomers despite all the evidence of rigging even before the election day. Where will they find another King Musharraf Qadiani in the Pakistan Army - promoting the "war within islam" with the most potent army of the Muslims world? They will stick with him. They will stick to the plan. Stay tuned for details.

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