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US wants referendum in NWFP

Iqbal Choudhry (The Poist 7/19/2008)

ISLAMABAD: The US administration has floated a proposal before Pakistani authorities to hold referendum in the NWFP regarding its future, informed sources confided to The Post on Friday.

The sources said the US administration had asked Pakistan to decide the troubled-area of the NWFP through referendum either it go with Pakistan or emerge as an independent province. Before taking positions along the Pak-Afghan border, General Mullen who visited Pakistan last week floated this proposal before the Pakistani authorities.

However, the authorities refused the proposal straight away and conveyed a strong message before the visiting US General that the government of Pakistan would resolve the issue through its own description.

Meanwhile, local Taliban also joined hands with Pakistani forces against US forces which also sent a strong message to the US administration that people of the NWFP were not wishing for independent state. The Awami National Party-led province is, however, looking for changing the name of province according to the desire of locals.

 Reply:   I think they want NWFP to be s
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (22/Jul/2008)

I think they want NWFP to be separated and then to be bombed freely.
But inshahAllah this won't happen.
 Reply:   NWFP will vote for Pakistan su
Replied by(baber) Replied on (22/Jul/2008)
1. First of all there is no question why NWFP people will vote against Pakistan. NWFP is inter-mingled with other provinces socially and economically more than the Sindh and Balochistan.

Rather I would say the closest two provinces in every respect are NWFP and Punjab.

2. This piece of news itself is absurd. Can anyone clarify what '' The Post '' is? is it a popular newspaper or what?

3. US might be interested in Balochistan for its Port and to reduce total dependence on Pakistan for '' Afghanistan Transit Trade'. BUT NWFP is not in question.

4.Even tribals will not vote against Pakistan. Much time has passed and everyone is tied with other people socially and economically.

5. ANP has never wished independent NWFP. It should not be confused deliberately with the change of name.
I bet if u ask any 10 persons in NWFP randomly in any Bazar about the wish of breaking with pakistan, 9 out of 10 will surely reply that this is non-issue and what they will do after that? what will they achieve? 
Malik Baber Rabbani,
Peshawar, Pakistan.

 Reply:   امریکا کا گھناونا کردار
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (22/Jul/2008)

اب تو اگر کسی کو امریکن، یھودہی عزائم کے بارے مین کوئی غلط فہمی تھی تو دور ھو جانی چاہیئے، آج انھون نے پاکستان کو کہا ھے اور کل اگر بلوچستان یا سرحد کے شرپسندوں نے یہ قرارداد اقوام متحدہ مین جمع کرادی تو امریکا اور اسرائیل اس کی توثیق کر دین گے، ھمین چین سے ایسی قراردادوں کو ویٹو کروانے کی ابھی سے ضمانت لے لینی چاہیئے اور اب امریکہ کی اس پیشکش کے
بعد فورا امریکہ کی جنگ سے ہاتھ کھینچ لینا چاہیئے وگرنہ وہ اس وار آف ٹیرر کے نام پر خدانخواستہ پاکستان کے ٹکڑے نا کروادے

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