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                                     I wish but doubt

Sri Lanka in 1st test has given us an open challenge to score 510 runs in the second innings to defeat Sri Lanka in their own country and before their own population in remaining game period almost of 1.30 day and this can be achieved provided we are real fighting force which once even lifted World Cup when Imran Khan was the captain of the team.


In 1st innings our team scored just 100 runs which means on average we did not score even 10 runs per player which is very much not only surprising but very much shocking too. Our captain scored 20 runs whereas our former scored 29 runs meaning by that whether we talk of present captain or previous captain result remains the same. Needless to mention Younus khan is very much experienced hand that has played against all the countries on all the grounds so from that point of view he is much senior to Hafeez. If our captains are captains by title and not performance then they did what they were expected to do otherwise their performance had to be different for sure. The other batsmen who were supposed to score runs also failed alike and it is very much doubtful that the present team can do any better.

Our old players should have felt their responsibility and had scored at least 250 runs if not more but very much surprisingly the whole team has been bundled out at mere score of just 100 runs. Once Sri Lankans had given us a target the pour batsmen must have risen to the call and scored runs rather than making haste in going back to pavilion. The new batsmen should have scored runs to secure their further inclusion in the team but they terribly disappointed like their seniors.


I have heard on different people saying on television channels that our team is weak in batting but in bowling we are at the top. Experts have said that our present bowlers in general and spinners in particular are the best on the face of earth and hence they will easily bowl out Sri Lankans at a lower score resulting in that batsmen are not to face big score. Most of those who heard such remarks from an expert on cricket would have believed him to a greater extent and had been relaxed but all those who said so are proved wrong.

Our spinners have terribly failed in containing the home cricketers  simply because Sri Lankans have batted with speed and accuracy hence it scored quite a reasonable score which as such created trouble for the visitors.  Ajmal did take maximum wickets so he can be called our hero bowler of the test which is a commendable achievement but at the same time we should not forget that he has failed to get the wickets are cheaper rate. Better bowler is the one who on one hand gives very little runs but on the other hand he takes many wickets and not otherwise. Now if you focus on Ajmal performance it will be very crystal clear to stand that he proved to be quite an expensive bowler who conceded much more runs than what a good bowler can prove.


On the other hand if you see the performance of Sri Lankan bowlers we are amazed to notice that they did not let any of our players to stay on the crease. They bowled well with accuracy and style which troubled out batsmen and hardly anyone was comfortable to face the. They did not give any chance to anyone of our batsmen to settle down and score runs rather on the contra they lured our batsmen to play shots which may likely send them home. They kept up the pressure from the very 1 ball they bowled and they did let their grip loose and resultantly Pakistanis had to curse none but themselves for their poor performance.

Sri Lankans were so consistence in their approach they are wickets kept tumbling very much regularly which as such build up very heavy pressure on us. Which of our batsmen stayed longest in the ground? Which batsmen while facing Sri Lankan bowling scored at will free of any pressure? Who of Sri Lankan bowler has given away runs to us? Who topped in the team and what had been his individual score. I very much doubt that Misbah who is banned to play the 1st test could have done better than what other batsmen have done.


As regards batting the situation is concerned I am not reluctant to say that the situation is very grave to be honest and I very much doubt if we have no answer to the problem. Sri Lankans have scored very well in both the innings which proves that their batsmen have completely overshadowed our bowlers. Needless to mention, Sri Lankans have defeated us just a week before where our seasoned captain Misbahul Haq or for that matter star studded Shahid Afridi could not shine at all. We terribly failed on all counts be it batting, bowling or fielding which resulted in Sri Lanka won the series with ease and comfort. Hardly could we recover from that grave shock that the same cricketers have shown us mirror again.


I being a Pakistani quite naturally wish and pray for none but Pakistan team but on the face of it defeat has brighter chances than success. What do you say?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

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