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With the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Assalamo Alaikum.

The Zionist agent and State Terrorist Mush does not like Muhammad Yousuf. He appointed Qadyani Nasim Ashraf as the Chief of PCB who hates Islam, naturally this is what a Zionist agent is supposed to do. Bob Woolmer was very found of Muhmmad Yousuf and had praised his play. He noticed marked improvement in Muhammad Yousuf's game after reverting to Islam. Cheapters Qadyanis like P.J. Mir could not tolerate paryers of Inzamam Ul Haque and other players of the Pakistan Cricket team though he and alike might have tolerated had they drunk  and womanized.
It was no matter of chance that Abdur Razzaq, Shahid Afridi, Asif and Shoaib Akhtar were not included in the Pakistan cricket team in last World Cup.
This time also Abdur Razzaq who had been described as Solid Gold by foerign observers was not included.
Muhammad Yousuf who is among the most run makers and all rounder Abdur Razzaq were deliberately omitted.
The matter may be taken to the Supreme Court. Insha Allah soon with departure of Mush, PCB will be Insha Allah chnaged and an inquiry would be set up to look into all foul play in the last World Cup as well as in other matters.
Just why was Yousuf omitted from the Twenty20 squad?
Logic has gone for a six
Osman Samiuddin
Nothing illustrates more lucidly the mysterious, whimsical workings of Pakistan selection committees than the decision not to select Mohammad Yousuf in the 15-man squad for the Twenty20 World Championship in South Africa.
They tried, bless 'em, to justify the decision to drop him but they came up empty. Yousuf was, in the words today of Salahuddin Ahmed, the chief selector, "a world-class player, no two ways about it." He is also currently Pakistan's best batsman and, as Ricky Ponting proves every day, a good batsman is a good batsman is a good batsman, be it over five days, 50 overs or 20. Yet, Yousuf did not make it into a 15-man squad with only two specialist middle-order batsmen.
First the selectors claimed they wanted to give him a rest, disregarding that he, unlike a number of senior players globally, wanted no such thing. They then admitted they wanted - no, needed - "one batsman who can stay at the wicket, because, whether it is a Test, an ODI or a 20-over game, you have to have one who can stick around and build."
From this they took a not inconsiderable leap and concluded - on what basis is still not clear - that Misbah-ul-Haq (ostensibly the replacement) might do the job better than Yousuf has been doing over the last year. Perhaps Misbah's impressive domestic Twenty20 average (just under 50) got him the nod over a man with over 14,000 international runs, 35 international hundreds and just off a patch so purple, popstar Prince would have been jealous.
No? Okay, then try this one: "We are trying out new and fresh names." At 33, Misbah is a few months older than Yousuf, so even if you give him more benefit than doubt (as noted commentator Omar Kureishi used to say of dodgy decisions), his best years are likely already lost to Pakistan. He last played an international for Pakistan nearly three years ago; after averaging 13 from five Tests and 33 from 13 ODIs, there was a reason he was not selected again. In short, he is as fresh as last month's pizza.
Were the selectors really serious about younger legs, a new spirit and all that, then any of Khurram Manzoor, Khalid Latif or Shahid Yousuf - all of whom impressed in spurts during the practice matches - made more sensible replacements. Even if they had not impressed, at least the selectors could have shielded themselves behind the mantra of giving youth its day.
Assurances obviously were given for his future. "This is not the end of his career, let me assure everyone," said Salahuddin. "We haven't treated him with any disrespect by dropping him and he is a great asset to the Pakistan team. It shouldn't be made into an issue of pride, because we haven't dropped him as such,"
True enough, his future in not in any serious doubt. But given that Yousuf was naturally unhappy at his omission - his weak proclamations otherwise notwithstanding - can Pakistan really afford to treat him this shabbily, especially given that Inzamam might no longer be on the scene either soon enough? Is Pakistan really blessed with that much batting talent
No other decision ruffled as many feathers as this one. Not even, sadly it must be said, the dropping of Abdul Razzaq. At his best, Twenty20 cricket is to Razzaq what water is to fish. A few overs of brisk, constricting and attacking medium-pace and a solid lower-order guarantee of boundaries; as Kamran Abbasi notes in this post Razzaq's decline has meant what was once unthinkable is now reality.
Ultimately, though, in the absence of any solid logic, it is Yousuf's exclusion that bathes in innuendo, reporters winking, nudging and whispering, as no doubt will many followers. Here was further proof, some muttered, that the board was bent on cleansing the team of the religiosity it had been engulfed in.
No, others countered, it was aimed solely at diluting the hold of Inzamam-ul-Haq on this team, thus giving Shoaib Malik a greater chance to mould his own side. Wait a minute, some said, Misbah's was a pressure inclusion, instigated by the board and one not all selectors agreed to. Pakistanis love a conspiracy theory, it was noted once in The Economist. Probably, it concluded, because they have an uncanny way of coming true in Pakistan.
Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

 Reply:   How you can compare performanc
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)

As Yousuf wasn't included in the team.
so u better stop making other fool.
you cant compare misbah in any case with Yousuf.
 Reply:   anwar-ul- ::well MISBAH has pr
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (9/Oct/2007)

anwar-ul-haq : public ko ullo banana chor doe, boht bakwas kartay rehtay hoe, public pagal nahi kae tumhari baton mae ajae, you seem to be an israel's agent who is here for the destruction of Pakistan.

apna ullo seedha karna chor doe.

 Reply:   Test Player of the yearscript
Replied by(farhan) Replied on (11/Sep/2007)

I think ICC award for best test player of the year 2007 proved himself. And i belive PCB will regret always for his decision.
 Reply:   Topic
Replied by(voiceofaa) Replied on (29/Aug/2007)
interesting, How many ODIs and Test Yousuf played under Nasim's Supervision ?


I suggest you guys not to prolong this discussion as the author of this topic trying to create ethinic and sectarian differences ************.
(i didnt abuse your reply, but i hope in future you will be more careful while talking about other members of the site, thank you, Webmaster)
 Reply:   Inzimam's future is in doubt d
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (29/Aug/2007)

Salman Butt is VC of Pakistan only because he criticized the Islamic influence in cricket team?
 Reply:   The virus for Pakistanscript
Replied by(farhan) Replied on (29/Aug/2007)

My friend all Pakistani’s department are infected by Mush’s policies. I think I should give a great name to Mush i.e. The Virus and we have to delete this virus from our land otherwise land will be infected and could be divided like 1971. Everyone who having religious feelings Mush and his companion’s are enemy of that person. Tell me this team can win any single match without senior players are come through some references of army officers in the team. We can just pray to God to help us to get rid of such traitors (AMEEN).
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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