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Muslims tested during last 10 days of Ramzan


I am narrating what I have noticed in Kuwait and to the best of my knowledge and belief it must be true in other Muslim countries too including my beloved Pakistan.


Ramazan as whole is the most sacred month for all Muslims but last 10 days are the most sacred in any case. Many Muslims who do not pray otherwise despite the fact that each Muslim is to pray 5 times a day do pray in Ramazan and it reaches to climax during last 10 days on Ramazan in any case. Taraveeh is an extra prayer offered during Ramazan after last prayer of the day and therefore many of us who do not pray on daily basis are seen in mosques offering Traveeh. As last days of Ramazan come, another extra prayer is offered around mid night and there too one sees many new faces and attendance will touch climax on 27th night though even 21st, 23rd, 25thand 29th nights are not that less important either.


Yesterday Sunday 12th August, 2012 was 24th Ramazan (23rd in Pakistan) and Taraveeh ended at 2110 hours in the mosque which is just next to my residential complex and in other mosques also the prayer must be ending almost same time with very little difference in minutes. Yesterday after Taraveeh I wished to drive to down town for some Eid shopping but the traffic was almost stand still. Being living in Mahboola I had to go on my right for down town but it was impossible to reach unless I am in my car for around 2 hours which at least  could not afford and after wasting almost 35 minutes I had to return empty handed and I will go some other day but during day time.


What baffles me the most is that how hundred of cars could be found on roads when Taraveeh had finished almost the same time like my mosque. It does take some time to dress up and drive from house to main highway and therefore I very seriously doubt that all of them could offer Taraveeh and then come on the roads. I found those cars with ladies and children much ahead of me which means they must have come at least between 30 to 45 minutes ago when Taraveeh prayers were in progress. Under the given situation, father and mother being with their children in their cars have openly given a blunt message to their children that they did not offer Taraveeh and hence it is quite but natural that children imitate parents so neither the parents nor the children offered prayers. It must be remembered that Kuwait is such an Islamic country that here only 1 Kuwaiti is a Christian (coverted from Islam to Christianity) so all Kuwaitis who were on roads were none but Muslims and as Muslim it was expected of them that they will be offering Taraveeh at that point if time rather than being in cars and heading down town. Moreover, Kuwaitis being truly rich have always something new with them be it dress or shoes so they need not join the mad race to flock the shopping malls to buy dress and shoes etc.


What happened yesterday in Pakistan is my simple and straight forward question to all of those who read me.  I wish our roads must be deserted and all those who wish to go for Eid shopping must first be heading to offer Taraveeh prayers and then only go for shopping and not like what I noticed here where I am living since 1978 and each year it happens alike. Who supports me or who opposes me?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
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