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  Out of 7009.75 million Muslims worldwide we singled out


An American film which is blasphemous has definitely stirred the feelings of the Muslims worldwide and there have been protests and demonstrations against it for about 10 days now in many countries but Pakistan and Pakistanis have singled out and earned global recognition on this account.


Pakistan is the only country on the face of earth which officially declared one day off (Friday 21st Sep 2012) and allowed people to openly shout and show their anger against making the film on Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) but very much regretfully neither the government nor the opposition was seen on roads which is more shameful than shocking. If President Zardari or PM Raja in Islamabad or Governors in their provinces were not the lead the protest rallies then why it was an official off on the day? Friday is always a very popular day in Pakistan for staging rallies and one can read as much as one wants to know that for decades many big processions and rallies have been held in Pakistan in big cities and towns after weekly Friday prayers so it had been repeated alike even if it was nit official off. What should I believe <i> our leadership is not Muslim or <ii> their religious feelings are not hurt? I dare not think even for a fraction of second that they are not Muslims and the solid proof is that their names are Muslim names so they be construed to be as strong Muslims as anyone else on the face of earth and their feelings were certainly hurt because they are proved not only Muslims but human too so it was quite but automatic that their inner religious feelings were hurt alike. However, our leadership has many Aristotles and Platos who after very deep thinking truly and sincerely advised our top brass firstly not to come on streets and be part of the rallies rather on the contra watch the protests at their tv screens while sitting on cozy couches and secondly keep their messages readily available so that instantly they can read not only condolences coupled with compensation amount but also warn that those who took law in their hands will not be spared.  I am not against those Aristotles and Platos  for the simple reason that Zardari and Raja are very much needed by the country and hence their lives cannot and should not be put to risk and if you allow me I will go a step forward in the same direction. Zardari and Raja have told both directly and indirectly that they are no more interested to live at their own but instead want to serve the country and the people till their last breath and hence their lives are ought to be protected if not for their own selves then at least for Pakistan and Pakistanis to be honest and this is what they have demonstrated as per the wishes of the people of Pakistan. They also maintain that they are the only survivors for Pakistan and strictly believing in the same prophecy the couple wants to continue ruling even after expiry of their present term of offices.


Political parties leaders are exempted in any case to come on streets and join the crowds whom they need in any case because they are the ones who vote for them and will vote in future too but again these popular leaders also profess like our top brass that their lives are reserved for their voters and they cannot risk their lives in the streets. Who knows which stray bullet hits who, when, where and how? People do recognize their leaders but the bullet or bomb or grenade simply does not recognize our political parties leaders hence, they in the greater interest of their political parties and the voters, must be off the scene to avoid any mishap. I must salute them to at least motivate if not ignite to send thousands of their supporters on roads to register their anger against USA and the blasphemous film relating to our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) otherwise yesterday none could see millions on streets in Pakistan.


Interestingly, protests have been staged in many other countries too which include both Muslim countries and non Muslim countries rather they have taken lead over Pakistan because they showed their anger much earlier than what we did and the most glaring example of such anger had been noticed in Libya where the protesters took the lives of four Americans including American Ambassador Christopher Stevens who were ambushed and killed in Ben Ghazi, the second biggest city after Tripoli which is the capital of Libya. There were very strong protests in Bangladesh, Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Indonesia, Sudan, Palestine and some other countries too for the very obvious reason that the film under reference has immensely hurt the religious feeling of the Muslims at global level. At almost all the places USA national flag was burnt while at some places even effigies of Obama were torched and people shouted slogans alike ‘death to US’ etc. Police and other law enforcing agencies guarded US embassies, consulates and residence of US diplomats in all the countries and they did succeed in their efforts and no untoward incident is reported on this account which is really commendable.


What happened in my beloved Pakistan which did not happen alike in other countries is a baffling question I am posing you to answer? Yesterday alone 22 innocent lives including even policemen were lost while 200+ people have been injured, banks have been looted and burnt, and cinema halls were torched, vehicles put on fire, church vandalized and people did whatever pleased them and this all happened in the name of loving our holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The families and dependents of those whom near and dear have died simply cannot understand what type of love we have for prophet (PBUH) and how will they live without those who used to earn food for them. Numerically and financially speaking Pakistan has left behind all the rest of the countries where protests were held and isn’t is shameful that we ourselves killed and injured our own people and destroyed our properties whether it belonged to public or private. How this loss of human and money can be compensated? What message did we give to the world in general and the countries where protests were held in particular?


I salute to our leaders whether on the throne or in the opposition who in the name of holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on one hand sent millions of Pakistanis on roads in all the cities, and towns to risk their lives and on the other hand they protected their own lives fully guarded at their own palaces. Why did we behave like this? Why did we single out ourselves from rest of the Muslims living all over the world? How this loss of human and money can be compensated? What message did we give to the world in general and the countries where protests were held in particular? Who gained and who lost is my only question to those who read me?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi /

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