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Is this for laugh or just an insult?

By Wasi Siddiqui

(Member of the Canadian Authors Association)


It is always said that comedy is good as long as it ends on a ever lasting memory , but if this turns to bitter taste then it is a sign of discrimination specially when someone religion come into a comedy matters and this what exactly happened in the comedy TV program called "Just for Laugh gags". The shows which airs on different channels including channel 44 (If using roger cable).


The comedy program which plays pranks on the people got off the limits when they showed a woman wearing veil (like Muslim woman wears) and hanging out her tongue and moving her eyes asking any men sitting on the bench to come with her and in a public park and it just like she is trying to find customer and luring other men into prostitution. It is highly disgusting to watch this kind of jokes on TV programs.


On yet another same comedy program goes on to show up to 10 people wearing long dresses ( as wear by the middle east Muslim men ) lay there praying rug on the back of any parked cars in the parking lot and started praying in putting their head down ( as done by Muslim men ) and when the owner of the car returned and saw these men praying on back of his parked car, he shouted at them and asked them to get out in anger ness but these so called comedians continue to kept their head down in a Muslim style on rug and making him more angry.


This kind of jokes does not make any sense but only create hate against Muslims. In fact these jokes are unacceptable and highly condemnable. The question is that what Muslims and Islam has to do with this kind of comedy? Why this topic has been picked to use in the comedy, Is producers are trying to present Muslims and Islam as a comedy religion? Or simply they are starting a new campaign against Muslims and Islam?


It is strongly urged to TV program producers and directors to respect other religion while making comedy scripts, and to remain up to its limit and don't try to cross the limits as this does not grasp the true cultures and values of the multi-culture society, and often leads to uncomfortable feelings among the people and those who watched this comedy programs for entertainment.


Although, it is true that anti-Muslims feeling are highest among many people but if the TV media also began to promote discrimination against a religion then the true meaning of the media could never be achieved, the media should avoid this kind of negative projection of Muslims specially in these kind of TV comedy programs, Islam and Muslims has been more criticized since 9/11 then any other religion and their believes in the media, it is time to change that image and not to use Muslims religion as a comedy and joke.



It is a hope that this kind of comedy in the TV program will be avoided in the future and media should be use to bridge the gap and not create the gap among the people in the name of religion.


May God bring peace in the world and harmony and understanding among all the walk of people.


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