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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Bismillah hir Rehman nir Raheem

Assalamo Alaikum

The so called Baluchistan Liberation Front (BLF) is an Israeli Child with Indian uncle and MQM and Qadyanis children. The Front is formed to try to disintegrate Pakistan. It was holding its meeting when Tsunami struck some of its leaders in Indonesian Island. They were engaged in many bizarre sexual engagement with innocent children.

The Polish killing and burning of female schools, the beheading of this and that and so called suicide bombing (In reality Assassins' assassination through implanted bombs and through mentally handicapped drug addicts) are all Israeli and Indian dramas with active participation of their children.

It is unfortunate that even media is hiding the truth. As long as Islam and Muslims are defamed through the label of Taliban, it is all the anti Islamic and anti Muslims forces want.  

There is great understanding and cooperation between cow worshipers Zionists (Who still wear the necklace carrying bull picture) and Hindus who drink cow urine with pride (Satan has made all these non sense and demeaning acts very pleasant in their eyes). These racist Zionists and Brahmans are killing Muslims, Christians and even Sikhs. To them non Jews are human animals whose killings is perfectly kosher.

As thousands of Americans reverted to Islam in Gulf war, the Zionists forces are scared to death of the possibility of massive reversion of Americans to Islam only if they saw true Islam and hence they are bent upon to distort its image through their own acts of 9/11, London Bomb Blast, Spanish train blast etc. etc.

We must be careful and must not act as Monkeys (Copying without thinking) and not as parrots (Repeating without thinking what they are propagating). In Allah's sight the worst animals are those who do not use their brains as written in Quran-e-Majeed. The Indians and Israelis are having great time due to the presence of their baby Satan Malik and others on key posts.
 Reply:   I am totally agree with you Patriotic Pakistani
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (25/Apr/2009)

The problem is among us and even if foreign powers are using our people then it is not their fault we ourselves have given enough room to them to penetrate. we have to give the real and actual rights to Baluchistan asap. Otherwise it will be too late.
 Reply:   Balochistan
Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (25/Apr/2009)

From the last 60 years this great province hasbeen deprived of their rights,Its so sad that we forget the promise made by our great Quaid with the Khan of Kalat at the time of independence.Why are we blaming the outside powers when we are responsible for everything and Dr Haque not every Baloch is an Indian or Israeli agent.Go and visit Balochistan University and see what the students there are thinking about Pakistan.....Its so sad we blame others for our own mistakes.
Pakistan Zindabad!
 Reply:   Its a Crap!
Replied by(Patriotic_Pakistani) Replied on (25/Apr/2009)

Its so pathetic,If you are not going to give genuine rights to the people of Balochistan naturally they will rise up against you and please provide some facts for your claims,it seems that you have a habit of day dreaming!
Patriotic Pakistani.
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