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February 6, 2010 by Gordon Duff 



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

As a Marine, combat veteran, disabled vet and proud American I am sickened.  The Taliban is holding an American soldier prisoner and is threatening to execute him.  The Taliban is using Afghani law, a  “Jirga,” a council of Afghani leaders who the family has asked to support them in getting the justice America has denied Mrs. Siddiqui.  This is very much like our Supreme Court here in the United States.

  The problem I have is that an innocent American soldier is being threatened when the criminals who kidnapped, raped and tortured this woman, then lied to convict her in an illegal court will never have to face justice.  Mrs. Siddiqui is innocent as is the man you are holding.  We can’t do anything to stop the suffering of the innocent, these two and so many more until we agree to take power ourselves.  When I see Americans do things like this, supposedly in the name of the American people, I am sickened.  It isn’t us.  We aren’t doing this.


In 2003, Mrs. Siddiqui, a mother of 3, educated in the United States, was kidnapped with 3 of her children by criminal elements in Pakistan and sold to the CIA.  She was imprisoned, raped and tortured for 5 years before the US admitted even having her in custody.  One of her children died while imprisoned by America.  She was never charged with a crime but, based on no evidence other than rumor, was held for years.

During a torture session after 5 years of captivity, this 100 pound woman, malnourished and seriously ill, is charged with using secret martial arts moves to disarmed a 200 pound US Special Forces interrogator, wrestle 2 Blackwater/CIA contractors to the ground and throttle a pair of FBI Special Agents.  It is also rumored that two Navy Seals were in the room but couldn’t get to this “human wildcat” in time.

Mrs. Siddiqui, who had to be helped in the room, as she couldn’t stand under her own power, was then shot in the abdomen by an Afghani translator.  None of those claiming to have been attacked were injured nor was the video tape of the incident made available to the court, withheld for reasons of “national security.”

There are also unconfirmed reports that Israeli interrogators were flown into Afghanistan to question Mrs. Siddiqui who came to the attention of Bush administration counter-terrorism forces when she used her computer to buy a flashlight from an online sporting goods outlet that also sells accessories for sporting firearms and hunting equipment.  In the time frame of her kidnapping, the Bush administration was working day and night to find justification for the invasion of Iraq and was creating an impression of a massive terror conspiracy through deception as there was no hard intelligence to support either weapons of mass destruction nor a terror presence in Iraq.

The arrest of Mrs. Siddiqui and her children was part of this program of deception.  Her years of illegal torture in abuse on Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan failed to establish any possible crime until the mysterious supernatural “outburst” during a torture session.


The agencies involved in her kidnapping, rape, torture and the killing of one of her children are as follows:

  • The United States Air Force:  They provided the facility for the secret prison
  • Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condi Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for contracting with mercenaries in Pakistan to kidnap random civilians as “terrorists.”
  • The Central Intelligence Agency:  They supervised, directly and through mercenaries, the torture, rape and illegal imprisonment of a totally innocent person.
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation:  When they discovered this woman, a crime victim, chose to take part in her torture and illegal detention in violation of their sworn duty.
  • The US Department of Justice:  For organizing a rigged trial for a crime victim in order to cover a long series of crimes that should have led to the prosecution of every American involved in this case and the policies tied to it.

That tribal conclaves in Afghanistan, working with the family of this woman and in cooperation with the Taliban are the only ones standing up for the honor of the United States is a humiliation and embarrassment to every man and woman who has sacrificed for America values of honor, decency and justice.


There has been little real news over the past couple of months other than the disaster in Haiti.  There would normally have been nothing to justify the billions of dollars we spend on weapons and our endless mercenary armies without carefully planned “events.”  Two such events have been the “crotch bomber,” a mentally defective Nigerian youth whose father is tied to the Mossad who now claims he was sent to blow up an aircraft with a “firecracker” after being sent by a clergyman known to have strong ties to the FBI through his “handler,” FBI Special Agent Stuart Butler.

Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who, while in San Diego, helped fund 2 of the accused 9/11 hijackers and who was a spiritual guide for Dr. Nidal Hasan, the “mad killer” of Ft. Hood, is now tied to Abdul Mutallab, the famous “Crotch Bomber” who was guided from Yemen onto a plane for Detroit by what now appears to be Israeli security agencies working closely with Dutch authorities and airline security employees.

Sources in Ghana, Nigeria, Amsterdam and Detroit have put this neatly in the lap of Israel, a $3 billion deal to run up the stock of airport scanner companies represented by former Director of Homeland Security under Bush, Michael Chertoff.  That Chertoff, the Israeli company running the Dutch Airport, the Yemeni cleric and almost everyone else involved is somehow tied to 9/11 is only a coincidence and undoubtedly part of an attempt to created a “conspiracy theory.”

Ties between the FBI and cleric Anwar al-Alwaki have been verified to have predated 9/11 and have shown Alwaki’s involvement in several FBI operations.  Multiple confidential sources interviewed have confirmed Alwaki’s FBI ties involving serious issues of national security.


Today an American serviceman faces execution.  He has done nothing wrong other than to fight for his country in what may just be another “wrong war” in a long series of them.  The Taliban could have asked for an end to deadly drone attacks.  We need more than an exchange of prisoners, we need an end to fighting and an end to the inhumanity and suffering.

Imagine that, the “woman hating” Taliban demanding a woman be freed, not a terrorist, not a leader, but an innocent woman who is a victim of the continued injustice and criminal acts of the Bush administration that America is ashamed to admit, ashamed to correct and ashamed to apologize for.  It was easier throwing an innocent victim in prison for life than admitting we acted like a pack of rabid dogs.

In a world where propaganda is more important than truth, how could America/Israel have left itself open like this?  Even Fox News can’t put enough “fair and balanced” spin on this to make it seem like anything more than a brutal abuse of human rights.


Do what is right.  Send this woman to her family. We pardon Wall Street criminals, drug barons and stock scamsters.  Let this woman go, not because of threats but because her conviction is a brutal abuse of the honor of the American people.


An American delegation, known to the tribal leaders of Afghanistan, stands ready to receive our prisoner and return him to his family.  We can’t make what has happened to Mrs. Siddiqui and her family right.  We have fought for her and will continue to.  We do it because it is the right thing to do.

Afghani leaders know that we are ready to meet and hold the security and economic viability of their country high as we do the lives and safety of Americans serving there.  We have broad support inside the United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Know people of good will and conscience still exist.

Delegation:  James M. Rockefeller,  Jeff Gates, Editor Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Veterans Today, Col. James M. Hanke USA Special Forces (ret),  Special Agent Frederick Coward, Federal Bureau of Investigation (ret) UN Ambassador/Congress man Mark Siljander (ret)

We could bring a hundred more, a thousand.  We speak for a multitude.  We are real Americans, normal people, not the “dime store” Mussolini types that answer to no power on earth or the heavens other than their own emptiness and lust.

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