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VIP Flights


It is customary for the Chief of the air crew or at times even the Captain of the VIP flight to stand near the air stairway and be the first one to salute the alighting VIP.  But alas, I have yet to see anyone of our rulers and leaders to even acknowledge his salute what to talk of returning it!  They just ignore him and even without looking at him saunter to shake hands with the dignitaries standing perfunctorily in the reception line.


Whereas, most foreign cultured VIPs, Rulers, Queens and Kings, not only shake his hand smilingly but have a word or two with him thanking him for the comfortable flight and the way he/she was looked after by his crew members.


But I suppose, they have a different set of human values than that of our Alee Martabats.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)  

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