"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   this is why pakistan is near big azaab
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (25/Jun/2009)

this is why pakistan is near big azaab.
this favouritism and murder of merit has destroyed pakistan
 Reply:   Indeed very very shamefull
Replied by(Haque) Replied on (26/Nov/2008)
Assalamo Alaikum Indeed very very shamefull
Anwar Ul Haque.
All Newspapers must publsih this. This is the way all institutions are corrupted. Minsiters and their private scretaries are all doing this and causing grave corruption and damage to the society. Please condmen this and join MJM (Movement for Justice and Merit) which is a non political refrom movement to better Pakistan.
With Most Cordial Regards,
Prof. Anwar Ul Haque
Cooridnator MJM

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