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Qadyani & Pakistan Nuclear Program Enemy Karamat Jahngir is in race to replace Mr. Durrani

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

It is not surprising that one Zionist puppet and puppy it trying to replace another Zionist puppy with Zionist chains around their fat neck according to the News. Mr. Karamat Jahangir who is a die hard Qadyani from Sialkot had once submitted his admission that he is a Qadyani. Later however he withdrew his admission of being Qadyani from Pakistan Armed Forces in order to advance to the top position. He was a buddy of another semi Qadyani i.e. Mr. Musharraf whose wife Sahba is a know Qadyani. Her uncle Jamilur Rehman is the Chief of Qadyanis in Okara. Sehba's father belonged to Kot Bari a town between Okara and Lahore.

The British Zionists created Qadyanis so that after their departure they will be able to rule Pakistan through them. It was British Zionists who bought the Iman of many Munafiqeen one of whom was "Sir" Zafrullah. The British Principal of Government College of Lahore use to provide the names of the poor and needy students to Mr. Zafarullah who used to then buy the Iman or faith of these students by paying them money. One of such people was Mr. Nasrullah who was snet to England and then was appointed as Manager of Intercontinental Hotel. Irony is that elder Zafrullah forced Nasrullah to marry his young daughter Bano Begum to him. The marriage did not last more than a month. Earlier Mr. Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani (The pseudo prophet) had tried the same trick with one of his follower when he asked him to marry his daughter Muhammadi Begum to him. The father refused which brought a prayer that Muhammadi Begum's husband should die soon. And if he does not then it will prove that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is a liar. The fact is that her husband did not die for many many years and thus Ghulam Ahmed himself proved a declared liar. Most if not all Qadyanis know that Ghulam Ahmed was a fraud and a British Zionist agent but they adhere to this so called faith to earn worldly benefits. The Governments of USA, France, Germany and Holland actively support Qadyanis not to speak of Israel where Qadyanis have their center and several hundreds of them work in Israeli Army.

Mr. Karamat Jahangir was fired by Mr. Nawaz Sharif on his massive corruption in a tank deal with Ukraine. Mr. Karamat later joined a think tank in Washington run by cow and Satan worshipers i.e. Zionists and Indians. Mr. Karamat later in a meeting of his so called think tank in a hotel in Lahore as reported by DAWN condemned Pakistan's nuclear program saying that Nuclear weapons should not be in the hands of such irresponsible states as Pakistan. The Internet version of Dawn did not carry this new report. I personally wrote several letters to the Dawn and demanded the court martial of Mr. Karamat Jahangir. Dawn did not publish my letters and instead published a picture of Musharraf and Karamat hand in hand in Abbottabad.

Tariq Aziz a converted Qadyani who could hardly make any publish speech ran the Mush administration. He was made the secretary of National Security Council. Now this child of Tel Aviv is trying to be the so called new security advisor to the Prime Minister.

The Muslims of Pakistan are fully aware of such schisms against Islam and Pakistan. They know that these puppet and puppies of Zionists are real terrorists of the highest grade. Israel is the number and real terrorist of the world as everyone can witness in GAZA, its puppets and puppies whom Zionists have called "dogs with their chains around their fat necks" are trying to bite people of Pakistan.

The wives of Mr. Karamat and "Prof." Mushtaq of PIMS are the first cousins and known to be Qadyanis.

The CIA USA working group has clear policy of r Egypt. The top positions should go to Christians and if they are not available then to the members of Free Masons, Rotary Club and Lion's Club. If a Jew is available then needless to say that he would get the best position and hence Butros Gali (son of a Jewish mother and husband of a Jewish wife) became the UN Secretary general when it was Egypt's turn. Same is situation for other Muslim countries. Christians may be replaced with Baha'is in iran and Qadyanis etc. in Pakistan. How long so called Islamic parties and other sincere Muslims of the world will remain silent over the Zionist puppies and puppets occupying their resources and countries? These and other Zionist puppies and puppets organizations i.e. Free Masons, Rotary Club and Lions club must be completely banned and all their members must be expelled form all key positions. Insha Allah hell be their eternal abode.

Dr. Anwar Ul Haque

116. St. 49

F 11/3 Islamabad 44000


Phone 03335129849

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 Reply:   Qadyaanis have always been loyal to Pakistan
Replied by(nrqazi) Replied on (13/Jan/2009)
First of all a disclaimer: I AM NOT A QADIYAANI

I agree that we as practicing muslims should discourage any advancement of Qadiyaaniyat; how is that related to patriotism? I have worked with a lot of non-Muslims Qadiyaanis, parsis, christians and have always found them to be very patriotic and loyal to Pakistan. Please lets not get carried away and start mixing religious beliefs with religious intolerance. Anyone and everyone has a right to reach the top offices on MERITS and I am sure Jehangir Karamat made it on merit. I am not sure whether he is a qadyiaani or not, but I am very sure that he is very patriotic. He wasn't fired for any tank deal but because he had made the government look red faced when he had addressed the Naval Staff College at Lahore saying something like weakness of government institutions WHICH IS A FACT by the way.

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