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Hell was fashioned bottomless by Humayun Gauhar
Posted By: AliSyed Created On: 6/Dec/2013 Views: 1228 Replies: 0 
People thought that the Zardari government had hit rock bottom and none could ever be worse. Well, the Sharif government has found a new bottom and proved them wrong. Pakistan is fast becoming bottomless, like hell where sinful sods keep looking for bottoms but find none. Click here to read Full Article

"TRUTH" Behind My Silence ! by Jasmeen Manzoor
Posted By: AliSyed On: 27/Aug/2013 Views:1900 Replies:0 
My silence should not be looked upon as my weakness ! My truth should be judged by my viewers and many of those who have eagerly awaited to hear the "The truth "that lead to my resignation from Samaa after 4 years. Long hard four years of work , when I think back it seems like a journey of a life time. Click here to read Full Article
Circular debt: Audit firm hired to uncover overpayment allegations
Posted By: AliSyed On: 27/Jul/2013 Views:1296 Replies:0 
Amid revelations of overpayment of billions of rupees to oil suppliers and power producers while clearing Rs480 billion worth of circular debt, the federal government has hired an audit firm, Deloitte Pakistan, to unearth any wrongdoing. Click here to read Full Article
Why Seraikis demand a separate province?
Posted By: AliSyed On: 16/Jul/2013 Views:1180 Replies:0 
I belong to an Urdu-speaking family that migrated from India at the time of Partition, but I too feel the victimisation of the federal and provincial establishment due to my domicile in the district of Khanewal in Multan Division. Click here to read Full Article
PML-N Government - Misplaced priorities by Amir Zia
Posted By: AliSyed On: 14/Jul/2013 Views:1905 Replies:0 
Correct analysis. Rightly said that government is confused in confronting this grave challenge that has pushed the country to the brink of all-out anarchy and collapse.the obsession of some of the high and mighty with Musharraf’s treason case is an example of Pakistani Neros trying to amuse themselves with a farce that long lost its sheen and lustr Click here to read Full Article
Ex-MD Pepco exposes Rs15 billion Nandipur project scam by Khalid Mustafa
Posted By: AliSyed On: 12/Jul/2013 Views:1861 Replies:0 
ISLAMABAD: Former Managing Director of Pepco Munawar Baseer has exposed the Rs15 billion scam of the Nandipur Power Project.In a letter sent to the chief justice of Pakistan he states that the PML-N government has revived the 425 MW project with a monumental increase in the cost Click here to read Full Article
Media comission report leaked:
Posted By: AliSyed On: 12/Jul/2013 Views:1364 Replies:0 
Breaking News: Supreme Court’s Media Commission report has been leaked on the internet by some anonymous source. This commission includes highly respectable Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid and Justice Javed Jabbar. This scan from the commission report shows irrefutable evidence of Pakistani Media’s direct connection with the known enemies of Islam and Pakistan. The scan is not of the highest quality so Click here to read Full Article
IPP lobbyists making hey while sun shines on Capital Hills by Saeed Minhas
Posted By: AliSyed On: 10/Jul/2013 Views:1232 Replies:0 
Islamabad: The government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has finally played the much-awaited reverse sweep to open its account of point scoring with the leading institutions of the country by announcing to bring high treason charges against a caged former dictator Musharraf. Click here to read Full Article
Punjab food department a den for bribery by Zeeshan Javaid
Posted By: AliSyed On: 10/Jul/2013 Views:2625 Replies:0 
ISLAMABAD: The Punjab food department has been occupied by the provincial bureaucracy and blue-eyed officers of the Mian brothers, who made the entire department a house of corruption and financial embezzlements, where millions of rupees of the national exchequer were disbursed amongst the staff, everyone from the peon to the Provincial Secretary Food getting a share of the spoils.The Sharif broth Click here to read Full Article
It’s a Punjabi bureaucracy by Amir Mateen
Posted By: AliSyed On: 10/Jul/2013 Views:1532 Replies:0 
If you want to judge the Punjabi dominance in Pakistan, the armed forces may not be the best indicator as is generally assumed. It’s the top civil bureaucracy through which Punjab dominates this country. Click here to read Full Article
$5.3b bailout package: Govt gives in to key IMF demand By Shahbaz Rana
Posted By: AliSyed On: 7/Jul/2013 Views:1223 Replies:0 
In a bid to avoid potential financial default, Pakistan has conceded to a major demand of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by agreeing to withdraw tax exemptions to the wealthy. Click here to read Full Article

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