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Musharraf & PIA - Deal is part of international market practices, says PIA By Rauf Klasra
Posted By: SAROSH Created On: 7/Jul/2010 Views: 3051 Replies: 0 
ISLAMABAD: President General Pervez Musharraf has received a damning report from the Auditor General of Pakistan that confirms serious doubts and questions about a $479 million PIA deal to buy three Boeing 777 aircraft by the Ahmed Saeed management in 2003. Contrary to the PIA Board decision that these aircraft be purchased directly from the Boeing company, PIA intriguingly leased them through Click here to read Full Article

The puppet masters
Posted By: SAROSH On: 28/Mar/2010 Views:2535 Replies:0 
Mian Nawaz Sharif is right not sign anything before it is open to public discussion and debate. He has talked about the Judicial Commission and the name of NWFP and some ‘other matters’. It is those ‘other matters’ that are of interest to the people of Pakistan. Are our politicians making such constitutional changes that court the danger of Pakistan meeting the fate of Yugoslavia? That is the ques Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: SAROSH On: 13/Feb/2010 Views:3804 Replies:0 
Not surprisingly life in the Land of the Pure is a lot more muddled! Many of the top journalists have been bought out by the State, using the office of the Press Information Department which is an arm of the Ministry of “Information”. Click here to read Full Article
$23.84 billion corruption in privatization process during Musharraf dictatorship
Posted By: SAROSH On: 7/May/2009 Views:3403 Replies:0 
There has been massive corruption during the eight years of the Pervez Musharraf-Shoukat Aziz period (1999-2007). While the regime has claimed the privatization process key to economic development, the reality is that it was a total disaster. Click here to read Full Article
Corrupt Musharraf's Generals, Exposed by Musharraf's Generals
Posted By: SAROSH On: 27/Apr/2009 Views:3093 Replies:0 
Now his own trusted men are exposing these tall claims by pointing fingers and naming the military regime's big guns who are turning out to be the really big thieves. A few most glaring examples: Click here to read Full Article
Big hunt against the corrupt haunts PPP
Posted By: SAROSH On: 27/Apr/2009 Views:2479 Replies:0 
No one in the PPP leadership has an answer or even wants to discuss one key question: what will happen to scores of corruption references filed by the PPP against members of the Musharraf regime durin Click here to read Full Article
Corruption details in PIA BOEING 777 DEAL
Posted By: SAROSH On: 27/Apr/2009 Views:6412 Replies:0 
South Asia Tribune (http://www. satribune. com/archives/ apr25_may1/ P1_pia.htm) reveals that top bosses of PIA Pakistan National carrier are totally making false misleading claims about PIA deals par Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: SAROSH On: 27/Apr/2009 Views:2616 Replies:0 
Mian Nawaz Sharif, during his tenure as Chief Minister Punjab from 1988-90, deprived the provincial departments of Rs. 15.35 billion. The Auditor General Report released in the year 1988 reported that Mian Nawaz Sharif, misusing his authority as Chief Minister Punjab, issued directives which resulte Click here to read Full Article
Biggest conspiracy against Pakistan, what will we give against 5.5b$ grant
Posted By: SAROSH On: 25/Apr/2009 Views:2718 Replies:0 
There is one famous quote that There is no free lunch and this is 100% true in case of 5.5 billion $ grant to Pakistan from Masters of Pakistan. In fact this is the worse conspiracy to date against Pakistanis. please read for details Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: SAROSH On: 25/Apr/2009 Views:2829 Replies:0 
The Lahore High Court in Pakistan is facing a legal and a practical dilemma: What to do with the petition which charge sheets the Pakistan Armed forces and lists details of massive kickbacks and corruption done by Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals. Click here to read Full Article
Rise of Hindu terror groups in India
Posted By: SAROSH On: 2/Jan/2009 Views:1761 Replies:0 
Terror seems to have divided India. The on-going investigations into bomb attacks at selected minority targets, allegedly by a group of right-wing Hindu zealots, including a serving army officer, have Click here to read Full Article

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