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Lyari where death is dancing since long


Lyari gangsters are very giving real tough time to our police and Rangers etc and quite many weeks the area has witnessed war like situation and though sometimes, hostilities dim and even end but again the situation becomes explosive and innocent people are killed. Right from President Zardari up to provincial home minister of Sindh and others concerned has been directly and indirectly involved in sorting it out the lawlessness and bringing back peace in the locality but very much regretfully no tangible results could be obtained till today.


So many warnings have been issued time and again to the ill famed scoundrels but one way or the other most of them are still out of reach and could not be arrested. All law enforcing agencies have been deployed and assigned the task to flush out the gangsters so that the commoner can live in peace but things could not be improved to the desired level. Hundred of meetings have been held in Islamabad and Karachi for the purpose and each time such meeting is held we read that the outlaws will be met with iron fist and they cannot escape from the strong clutches of laws of the land but perhaps it is nothing with warning or fake warning only because no mastermind is arrested.


Police chief and other senior rank officers have been transferred and new faces are inducted but practically speaking Lyari continues to be the most dangerous area in Karachi. Each new police officer pledges to do the needful but yet for one reason or the other he fails. The bad elements do whatever suits them without caring the least that the police and other forces will catch them and they would no more be free but put behind the bars. Government had announced head money also to catch the masterminds but who has been caught is a baffling question? There are some people within the area and outside the area who must be knowing some of them if not all of them but yet due to fear of reprisal none dares to inform official authorities very well proves how strong and dreadful these gangs have become that all want to avoid to face them at all cost. They are not at all afraid of the police and Rangers etc and hence they are completely free and feel pleased in torturing others at their own will and wish. They have established their own writ in Lyari and the residents of the area are left with no alternative but to listen and obey to them unless they wish to risk their own lives. The law of jungle and not of the state prevails in Lyari which is the residence of low paid employees in any case. Those who have means have shifted to other areas but bulk majority of people have neither the sources nor resources to relocate to other areas hence they are doomed to leave in the area as the sweet will of the gangsters.


I very much doubt if anyone including the government knows how many people have been killed, incapacitated and injured in Lyari.  However, very safely it can be said that the casualties are countless whereby many innocent lives have been lost. Most of those who are killed were bread earners who will earn not for themselves alone but their dependents also but once they are killed their dependents are also killed literally. Needless to mention, whatever we read in newspapers or see on television screens is not the true whole account. Many a time people do not want to report and just quiet fearing that if they report to police then they are exposing themselves which could be annoying to the outlaws so it is better to just keep their losses and sufferings exclusively to themselves only rather than reporting. None can even figure out what is material loss in terms of no business in the area have incurred so far.


Almost all options available to government like deployment of Rangers, head money announced, warnings issued but still Lyari is sheer out of control of our all official machineries and it is feared that the situation will remain as such and may I ask all of you to solve death like situation, if not annoying to our honorable Interior Minister Malik Rehman?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /
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