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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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            The Prime Minister has strongly reacted on Nawaz’s putting Memo issue before Supreme Court. The PM said that when Parliament was present then what kind of results Nawaz Sharif wanted to achieve from the Supreme Court.

             The Parliament was present but the lives of the people were not safe from drone attacks. Parliament was present but each one trusted the Supreme Court and even Parliamentarians went to the Supreme Court either against one another or against the illegalities committed in various matters of national importance.  

            The Judiciary has always given great importance to Legislature while interpreting any provision of law. It is astonishing that in the present Government the personalities are now disputing those powers of the Courts which are in the Civil Procedure Code, 1908, like making of Commissions for fact findings or recording of statements of the Witnesses. Even a student of LLB classes knows that even a Civil Court is competent to form a Commission but the leaders of the PPP said that it is only the job of the Executive to make Inquiry into a matter.

             Previously the people were always looking to the Army Generals to come and rectify the matters but now they have realized that Army’s job is only to use the weapons and not to use their brains on national issues. The right-minded leaders of PPP contradicted the view points of their own friends in the party and justified handling of the Memo issue by the Supreme Court.

  It is regrettable that such issues are coming before the Judiciary which are necessary to be solved by the Executive. Supreme Court in such cases wishes only to complete the investigation by the related State Institution according to the law and Constitution. People seek only the supervision of the Supreme Court. People wish that every act of the State Institution should be in the notice of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court has become a sign of trust for the people. 

            Anyhow, the Government should complete its term according to the Constitution and when in the next General Election people vote for bringing an Executive of their choice then each Judgment of the Supreme Court would be implemented in letter and spirit. No one is willing to accept such a judgment which may destroy his carrier or interest but it is State power which compels him to obey a judgment.

 Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

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