"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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It was quite shocking to listen to (convicted) PM “Yusuf Raza Gilani” while he was giving an interview to a foreign journalist, said about the depressed, oppressed and troubled Pakistanis “Why don’t they leave the country? Who is stopping them?” The astonishing face expression of the interviewer was a shame for all countrymen that whom we have chosen to govern us? They have made us a public joke all around the globe.


I was among all those Pakistanis who paid the rent of Royal Suits, limousines, expensive dresses and their costly watches. We all tolerate the foreign trips of “legion” that bring no benefit to the country rather they give international media a topic to laugh on the imperial living style of third world country’s ministers.

If we leave the country, will they pay all these bills by themselves? The non serious statement of PM reminded me of French Queen Marie-Antoinette who is supposed to have said “Let them eat cake” when she was told that the French populace had no bread to eat. It is attributed that her non serious statement ignited French Revolution.


Before elections, PPP focused on 5 “Es” in the party manifesto namely Employment, Education, Energy, Environment and Equality. Unfortunately, with the inadequacy and incompetence of the “Corrupt Regime”, they destroyed every ‘E’ they promised. They set new records of Corruption in the history of Pakistan. According to chairman NAB “oil mafia, agriculture cartel and tax evasion/theft contribute to a daily loss of Rs5 billion, which means Rs150 billion in one month and Rs1,800 billion a year.” The ruling party and the companionate Opposition had pushed the country towards destruction and multiplied miseries of people.

“Like father Like Sons”, this proverb is practically implemented by royal families of Pakistani Politics. The new generations of imperial families are fully equipped and talented to continue the legacy of their families. We see 23 year old chairperson of ruling party ordering the Prime Minister of Pakistan to not to obey Supreme Court’s order and don’t write letter as a result of which billions of Rupees can be brought back to Pakistan.

Son of Ex- CM Punjab was arrested on alleged involvement in Corruption and after political adjustment things were settled down. Son of convicted PM are one step ahead from others. One was allegedly involved in Hajj Corruption Scam and most interestingly he owns a bullet proof car that worth Rs.1.5 Crore while his poor father has none as told by his “declared” assets. The other son of PM is said to have links in Drug Scam.


On the other hand, after October 30th, 2011; PML-N suddenly felt the need and realize the importance of youth in national politics but as a famous saying : "The twirl remains even after the rope burns out". PML-N found it hard enough to hand over important party positions to any “outsider” so they launch “heir” and “heiress” to represent youth in their family party. PML-N focused all their energy on “Youth” and “Change’, they introduced Laptop distribution Scheme in Punjab. Laptop Scheme is actually Laptop Scam by Punjab Government to baffle & buy Youth. These tactics can't make them a leader which youth demands. Being niece & son of CM Punjab gave authority to ‘Maryam’ and ‘Hamza’ respectively to distribute laptops which were bought with tax money of Pakistanis. Laptops are bought from public money, not going from their own pocket but DYNASTIC Politics is in full swing. Question arises here is: why Maryam and Hamza? Why not senior PML-N leaders? its because these are family parties. The cost of laptop is a burden on Pakistan’s poor nation and I am not sure whether CM Punjab has become sure to provide enough electricity to recharge the battery of laptops.


These “bright stars” continue the Dynastic and Ethnic politics. It seems like they have inherited the right to govern Pakistan.


Its time, when these imperial Parties should understand that Time for Change has come. This change won’t be of faces but it will be of system. Pakistan is in a quagmire of problems. Declining Economy, miserable condition of Health sector, Poor condition of educational institutions, shameful situation of Law and order and above all abuse of Power. Youth that comprises of 60% of Pakistani population will play a decisive role in next election. This youth is fed up of ethnic and dynastic politics. It can’t be bought through laptops and separate Province scheme. Young blood will change the future of the society with their well being and courageous behavior.

It is now our duty to our country to get rid of culprits and plunderers through ballot. Its time to bring Justice, Humanity and Self esteem to this divine land as it deserves. Lets pray to Almighty to bless us with sense and wisdom to choose right people in right place. Amen.



Thank you!


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