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Allama Mashriqi: by Nasim Yousaf
Posted By: Infomashriqi On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1675 Replies:0 
Allama Mashriqi was one of the founding fathers of Islamia College (Peshawar). His long association with the said college, first as its Vice-Principal and later as Principal, brought about a revolution in education and gave new dimensions to one of the most educationally backward provinces of British India, the North West Frontier Province (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). Mashriqi’s tenure (1913-1930) wi Click here to read Full Article
Negotiations with Terrorists are Advisable? by Zaheerul Hassan
Posted By: Zaheer On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1540 Replies:0 
Despite government offer of negotiations, continuous wave of militancy not only shocked the country but it has taken aback by the supporters of talks with local Taliban. Moreover, it also put them in embarrassing situation within their own circle and the general masses. Every patriotic and peaceful citizen is worried about the security situation because of increasing domestic violence. How to esta Click here to read Full Article
Reconciliation-Is it a Possibility by Abubakr Ayesh.
Posted By: Abubakr On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1644 Replies:0 
The recent blasts in Peshawar have-without doubt-raised questions over the feasibility of the peace and reconciliation talks. Besides, some people and experts are already discontented with the idea that Taliban can atone for their deeds just by sitting around a table; crushing them by force seems the only possible and pertinent solution to them.There is no doubt in the fact that Taliban cannot see Click here to read Full Article
Russia and China: After Afghanistan, Iraq,Yugoslavia, Libya, Iran, and Syria, where will the retreat end? by Fazal Rahman, Ph.D.
Posted By: Unpolluted On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:3687 Replies:0 
In the Syrian crisis, like those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya, Russia and China have again caved in to the Western and US imperialism by imposing a unilateral Syrian chemical weapons removal or destruction, without a shred of evidence that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons during the civil war. All the circumstantial logical and factual evidence indicates that it was Click here to read Full Article
Fiscal Policy by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)
Posted By: Riaz On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1089 Replies:0 
Coming events cast their shadows before” is a time old adage. From what the MNS regime has done in their first 120 days or so to alleviate the lot of the poor, one cannot pin much hopes for the betterment during the rest of their ruling period also. Everyone knows that we as a nation are cash strapped and our almost all problems are due to the non-availability of funds in the required ratios. W Click here to read Full Article
Future of Polio vaccination inside FATA after Talks with Taliban. by SAJID HUSSAIN
Posted By: SajidH On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:2107 Replies:0 
One of the important aspect which is neglected both by Government as well as Civil society is the question that What will be the future of Polio vaccination in FATA after Talks with Taliban? The current and last year dozens of latest polio cases in Taliban controlled Wazirstan at Federally Administrated Tribal Areas [FATA] and some parts of KhyberPakhtoonkhawa[KPK] are alarming due to ban imposed Click here to read Full Article
Saga of Indian Corruption: After High Drama, Criminal Ordinance Withdrawn! DR. ABDUL RUFF COLACHAL
Posted By: abdulruff On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1150 Replies:0 
Corruption rules the roost in India at all levels in India because the state supports and promotes while judiciary simply tolerates the nonsense called corruption for unknown reasons. Click here to read Full Article
Is there an Alternative to Talks? Yes, there is! by Usman Khalid
Posted By: Usman_Khalid On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:2568 Replies:0 
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, at long last, met the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. After having failed to get him to attend his inauguration as PM and being spurned in his desire to visit India even without an invitation that must be viewed as a success. But India has an agenda and an attitude. No leader in Pakistan can govern effectively and be popular unless he understands both. India’s a Click here to read Full Article
Voter Empowerment and Supreme Court order! by BY DR. ABDUL RUFF COLACHAL
Posted By: abdulruff On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1158 Replies:0 
The government, parliament and assemblies are expected to cooperated with voters strive to strengthen and empower their voting capacity. Click here to read Full Article
Nation Building: Pakistan should encourage and develop sports! by DR. ABDUL RUFF COLACHAL
Posted By: usmani On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1241 Replies:0 
Pakistanis have some serious psycho problem facing Indian team especially in hockey and foot ball. Click here to read Full Article
Posted By: Muhammad_Abbas_Khan On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1159 Replies:0 
. Click here to read Full Article
نیشنل سکیورٹی کونسل ۔ راجہ منیر
Posted By: RajaT On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1343 Replies:0 
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شعور پیدا کرے ۔ ذیشان انصاری
Posted By: ZeeshanA On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1605 Replies:0 
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لہو کے پیاسے لوگ ۔ عقیل خان
Posted By: AqeelKhan On: 4/Oct/2013 Views:1116 Replies:0 
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