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Voter Empowerment and Supreme Court order!


A nation can claim to be a vibrant democracy only when people consciously participate in the decision making process, when they are respected, their votes and valued by the regime. And also, when the elected representatives sincerely work for the welfare of the voters, their genuine uplift! .

Democracy makes sense only when votes are treated valuable asset by the nation, parliament and assemblies, and political parties as well as by the voters themselves. And voters are required to be empowered to value their own votes.

Voters have the fundamental right to choose a candidate out of many names provided in voters’ ballot sheet or reject all of them out rightly.  

When parliament and state assemblies ignore to reform electoral reforms, only judiciary can intervene to  se the issue right.

 If more voters reject all candidates than those voted for their favorite candidates, none gets elected. Under such circumstances, the poll needs to be declared null and void and re-poll should be ordered with new candidates on a later date. . 

Those candidates faced axe of the voters should not be allowed to contest again at least in that particular constituency.

People are fed with Indian politics and corrupt politicians and they have lost interest in polls as well. .

The Supreme Court’s decision to empower the voters with negative voting is a step in the right direct and it will go a long way in streamlining India’s polluted politics.

One gets the impression that India is being ruled by a gang of frauds, criminals, pick-pockets with perfect coordination among political outfits. . This impression needs to be erased.

The government, parliament and assemblies are expected to cooperated with voters strive to strengthen and empower their voting capacity.

Punishment  for the  corrupt  persons at all levels without  bias and  selection  should help the system  function much better. 

The government should bear full expenses of the elections at all levels to root out corruption in the polls.  

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