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'Zardari sahib' appears as MCQ option




LAHORE: An extraordinary option appeared as a possible answer for a question on a ninth grade exam.


The question, what is the system of life based on, listed Zardari Sahib as one of the options. The other options in the multiple choice question included religion, world and wealth.


According to the Punjab Education Minister the paper was made by a teacher from Dera Ghazi Khan and an investigation is underway to find out how ‘Zardari Sahib’ was listed as one of the options.


The minister adds that action will be taken against those found to be involved.


This was not the only question in which an unusual option was listed as a probable answer. A question appearing in the evening paper for the ninth grade asked: Who is responsible for the protection of Pakistan?


The options listed for this multiple choice question were Allah, Gilani Sahib, Zardari Sahib and the Pakistani people.


            Our rulers for the century


Just now on Wednesday 28th March, 2012 at 1818 my time and 2018 PST, I have read in News under the latest news that in the province of Punjab 9th grade school students are asked a question in the subject of Urdu where they had to choose correct answer from 4 given choices including Zardari sahib which had no relevance to the question in any case. Punjab Education Minister has shown great annoyance over such a typical grave blunder and has already initiated an enquiry to find out and determine as to who did it and how. The Minister has also said that strict action will be taken against those who are found to be directly and indirectly involved in it. It has been learnt that the question paper was set by an unnamed teacher in Dera Ghazi Khan.


I am too small before our honorable provincial minister but nevertheless I do not think that the teacher whether male or female in DG Khan who sat the examination paper be punished rather on the contra he / she be fully commended and suitably honored and awarded so far as I am concerned which eventually I will prove in black and white. Let me make a humble request that none from the public in general and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Tehreek-e-Pakistan (Imran) in particular should show any annoyance or even enmity towards me for the simple reason that I will build up my argument on the basis of historical facts with no personal benefits either in cash or kind or both whatsoever. Facts remain fact and can neither be forgotten nor twisted unless someone is either prejudiced or cheat and fortunately none of the two options apply to me so my writing will be purely independent and devoid of any favoritism and or antagonism for that matter.



As a matter of fact, none on the face of earth even including the worthy Education Minister of Punjab cannot and should not out rightly rule out the possibility that there cannot be any question relating to Zardari. There can be as many questions as one feels like where Zardari can be an answer both either in his personal capacity as just Asif Ali Zardari or in his official capacity as President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Let me substantiate my argument with concrete examples so that my view point is understood in totality devoid of any confusion, chaos, ambiguity and doubt even by a commoner or a street fellow too and not only by educated newspaper readers like you. Students can be asked to tick the correct answer from given 4 choices and the question is based on Zardari but in his personal capacity only. What is the mother language of Asif Ali Zardari. Possible answers are (a) Undu (b) Sindhi (c) Punjabi (d) Pushto. Here the correct answer is (b) Sindhi. Similarly question can be asked on him in his official capacity as well. Question is as to who is the Head of State of Pakistan? Possible answers are (a) Mian Nawaz Sharif (b) Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani (c) Asif Ali Zardari (d) Imran Khan and over here the correct answer is (c) Asif Ali Zardari.


Reverting back to my proposition which I highlighted under the caption, ’Our rulers for the century’ I would like to explain that the examination question paper setter residing in Dera Ghazi Khan by including Zardari as one of the answers for grade 9 school students has in a way set the tone that Bhutto family can be our rulers for at least the whole century if not more. Punjab is the most populated province of Pakistan where maximum Pakistanis live and therefore when in that province 9 grade students find Zardari as one of the option then one way or the other Zardari name is being engraved on the minds of young students who are to future managers of the country in any case. I have no idea whatsoever as to how many students can be in grade 9 in Punjab but still I can very safely and convincingly say that the numbers must be at least in high 5 figures if not 6 which are not that insignificant numbers from any set of imagination whatsoever. Ever since the question paper was issued to the students so it is a bit irrelevant whether the whole question paper is now being withdrawn or for that matter that particular question has been cancelled. Interestingly any of the two options when exercised will give it more prominence and permanence if one realizes so it would be counterproductive activity on the part of the Education department to either cancel the whole or part examination paper. Done is done and cannot be undone.


Once the examination is cancelled and the effected students are asked to re-appear for another examination then in fact we are promoting and projecting Zardari if one realizes. The incident of cancellation paper or question is not that often and I am sure all of you will agree with me that perhaps during education life like mine too, no question or examination had even been cancelled and therefore from that point of view any activity which is a common activity is remembered for very long time. Psychologists are one voiced on saying that something unusual, awkward and bitter is not that easily forgotten rather it turns into long life remembrance. Therefore, it is but natural that any action of the sort will be remembered by these thousands of students who at one pint if time will become themselves as voters so the name Zardari will rekindle their memories in any case. Do not forget that PPP led by Zardari will contest in next election of 2013 and as per indicators it is likely to win again and rule for subsequent 5 years period ranging from 2013 to 2017. These students who are asked about Zardari must be around 15 / 16 years old now meaning by that in 2017 they must be qualified as a voter themselves so since they will be remembering the name of Zardari so it is quite but natural that they will vote for him so thousands of votes are guaranteed for him in any case. By the name time next elections come up for the term 2017-2012, many if these students must be working hence they will have better say so they themselves will spread out the word Zardari so one can imagine how multiplication will affect the overall vote bank of Zardari.


Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) who founded Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) came to official prominence in 1957 when he was sent to United Nations to address for and on behalf of Pakistan and since then he had been in the power corridor where he had been Minister, Prime Minister and even Prime Minister. Then his wife Benazir Bhutto entered political arena where twice she glittered as Prime Minister and of course our present President Asif Ali             Zardari is husband of Benazir Bhutto in any case. One should not forget that Bilawal s/o Zardari who is now renamed as Bilawal Zardari Bhutto born in 1988 is very much dug in and at any time one can see him pulling the strings from the front and no more behind the curtain. There is yet another person from the same family namely Mumtaz Bhutto who is 1st cousin of ZAB had been Federal Minister, Chief Minister and Governor of Sindh which as such proves that Bhutto family had very strong clutches in our government for so many decades and not just years.


So statistically speaking it is proved with confidence and authority that one way or the other Bhutto family is in our power corridor since 1957 which as such has already completed its 50 years tenure in 2007 meaning by that more than half a century is already gone and Bhutto family is very much on our national horizon and if not annoying it would be absurd to think that Bhutto family will quit power in the decades to come. It can be said without any reluctance and hesitation that it will establish itself more and more of course with multiplied participation of those students whose minds have been imprinted with the name of Zardari in any case. Isn’t it a fact that as and when someone comes into power then the lust if power does not allow him / her to quit power rather it gives all the more impetus to take such a firm grip on the situation that one does not fizzle out from power under any circumstances whatsoever in any case?


There are many countries where none but one family is only governing the country so from that point why and how someone can object about Bhutto family’s rule in Pakistan. The most glaring example is the Royal ruling family of UK where King, Prince, Princess, Queen is seen on the throne since 1687 and never ever anyone has objected to such long continuity of rule.  The incumbent Queen Elizabeth Alexander Mary born in 1926 and crowned since 1953 is still going very strong and active. Another prominent example is that of Al Sabah ruling family of Kuwait, the country I am living since 1978 and the family is holding the fort as back as 1718 and I say on my holy book that not even a single Kuwaiti has ever uttered a word against the Royal Al Sabah family. Perhaps it is unprecedented in human history where a late ruler had been honored more than what he had been on the throne. Late Amir of Kuwait H H Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah who died in 2006 has after his death been named as Amir of Hearts which is nothing but height of respect towards the person.


Summing up, I will pronounce that in view of the two quoted examples of UK and Kuwait there is every justification that Zardari or Bhutto family has an inborn right to rule Pakistan at least for another 45 years so that the family can be called as centurion which as such will be a plus point for you. It is not a joke to find such a family which has the competence and capacity to govern any country for 100 years so from that point of view we should are really very much fortunate to have such a family with us. We as Pakistanis would love to have at least one of our families also to govern the country for 100 years so that we can also proudly say that we are also very fertile and not barren as one may have thought of.


Well done paper setter you have really done wonderful job and did succeed in putting Bhutto family on the road leading towards completion of 100 years of rule.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait
 Reply:   I think these q were the best q in the history of Pakistani Education
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (29/Mar/2012)

I think these q were the best q in the history of Pakistani Education. I firmly believe that, may be this was the first time in history of Pakistan, that someone dare to ask real logical and practical q. This teacher should be given prize instead of punishment.
 Reply:   I think these q were the best q in the history of Pakistani Education
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (29/Mar/2012)

I think these q were the best q in the history of Pakistani Education. I firmly believe that, may be this was the first time in history of Pakistan, that someone dare to ask real logical and practical q. This teacher should be given prize instead of punishment.
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