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 'I am being humiliated, betrayed'
Fahim says delay in PM nomination causing disturbance in PPP

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: Until recently the frontrunner for the slot of PPP's prime minister, Makhdoom Amin Fahim says unnecessary delay in the announcement of the prime minister's name was causing some disturbance within the party and "there is a feeling on the streets that I am being insulted, humiliated and betrayed".

In a frank and candid interview to The News, the veteran PPP leader gave a valuable piece of advice to the new party co-chairman: "Mr Zardari should try to keep the PPP intact by avoiding splits in its ranks till the time Bilawal Bhutto Zardari takes over the command of the party from him."

In what appeared to be some sort of veiled threat, Makhdoom Amin Fahim disclosed that if he was not given the post of the prime minister, "I have a roadmap in my mind, but I would reveal it only once the decision about the name of the prime minister is announced."

He refused to elaborate when asked what he meant by a "map". But, it was quite clear from his conversation that he was mentally prepared to hear the news that he was not being nominated for the prime minister.

The straight talk by Makhdoom Amin Fahim came almost simultaneously when top PPP sources were quietly talking about elevating Fahim to the post of the president of Pakistan. One option being studied by the top leadership was to make him the presidential candidate in a future scenario, which only the leadership envisages at this point.

Fahim, otherwise known as a man of few words, however, made it clear that "neither would he like to see the PPP losing him nor he would lose the party of ZAB and Benazir Bhutto". But, in the same breath, he talked about the map in his mind.

Appearing to have been greatly disappointed, Fahim seemed ready to hear the bad news. Since Feb 18, keeping his calm, he has been silently watching the intriguing proceedings in the ranks of the PPP with his lips sealed.

Despite provocative questions from the media, Fahim has refused to get dragged into any controversy. He even remained silent when three prime ministerial hopefuls from the Punjab were quietly advanced to block his nomination.

But Asif Zardari's decision not to consult and let the central executive committee (CEC) take a decision and preference to meetings with district MNAs seems to have finally forced him to break his silence and assert his voice.

While on Friday Zardari was busy in meeting divisional MPs of the NWFP and Sindh to get a "sense" about who should be the prime minister, Fahim took the flight to Karachi, clearly distancing himself from the process of consultations launched by Zardari.

In response to questions by this correspondent, Fahim made it clear that he did not have any rivalry with Zardari, as he was the first man in the CEC at Naudero to stand up, shake hands and congratulate him on his elevation as the party chief.

"I don't expect from Asif that he would bring someone else as the prime minister forcibly," said Amin Fahim. When asked if he had directly talked to Asif Zardari over the issue of the prime minister, Fahim surprisingly said: "So far both of us did not find the time to sit and discuss this issue."

However, he made it clear that Asif himself did not want to become prime minister and he had said so many times. But, Fahim said the need of the hour was that Asif should leave a strong and united PPP for his son Bilawal to take over. "Asif should not create rifts in the party."

When asked whether he thought he was being insulted or humiliated by the party leaders by not naming him as the prime minister, Amin Fahim said: "There is a feeling on the streets that I am being insulted and humiliated."

Likewise, when questioned whether he thinks he was also being betrayed as Asif himself had announced at Naudero that he would be the PPP prime minister, Fahim gave a short reply: "This is also a feeling on the streets that I was being betrayed."

Replying to a question about his rifts with personal friends and now prime minister hopefuls "“ Shah Mehmud Qureshi, Yousuf Raza Gillani and Ahmed Mukhtar "“ Fahim replied that he did not have any problem with them as they were just good friends. "I have personal regards for all of them, especially Yousuf Raza Gillani."

Fahim, however, made it clear that he was not used to lobbying within the party for the sake of the prime minister's post. "I did not meet anyone to seek support, as everybody knows my credentials."

He then admitted that unnecessary delay in the announcement of the name for the prime minister was causing some disturbance within the party. "Look at the ANP which has announced even the names and departments of their ministers but we are delaying the whole process," he said and hastened to add: "The current process of consultation in the PPP might also be taken as a democratic tradition."

Fahim said he was inducted in the PPP by ZAB and Benazir Bhutto always gave him due respect. "We are used to get respect. I never made any group. The PPP itself is my lobby. Me and PPP are one. I have given blood for the party and served it with both heart and mind."

Fahim dismissed allegations levelled by some low-ranking party officials that he had been meeting with some top guns without the knowledge and prior information of Asif Zardari. "Asif always knows what I am doing and with whom I am meeting and where," Fahim made a categorical statement.

He said Asif should make a clear and loud demand from President Musharraf to summon the session of the National Assembly so that the democratic process could proceed and the transfer of power could take place.

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.PPP is reaching to its melting point, but my sincere prayers that it wont happen

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