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And here's one more story: Would the induction of an American Neocon in the Pakistan Foreign Office be a breaking-news story in Pakistan? It should be. But even as Mr. Husain Haqqani gears up to become Pakistan's new ambassador to Washington, no one is asking any questions.

Haqqani a Neocon? I'm not saying this. The US-based Centre for Media and Democracy is. The Centre specializes in monitoring "the names behind the news." The Neocons, of course, are the same policy hawks who demonized Muslims, pushed the Iraq war and are now hungry for a war with Iran. One of them, Mr Frederick Kagan, sees Pakistan as the next country to invade and then to divide into pieces.

SourceWatch, the Centre's online project, lists a very blunt title under Mr Haqqani's entry: "Neocon Nexus." It turns out that Mr Haqqani has been working very closely with Neocon projects targeting Muslim political action committees in America. He joined a Neocon pundit, Stephen Schwartz in co-chairing the nicely named Institute for Islamic Progress and Peace. Who launched this institute? America's "notorious Islamophobe Daniel Pipes," to quote the website.

At one point, Mr Haqqani joined Shwartz in disparaging American Muslim organizations for their focus on the Palestinian issue. On Feb 12, 2004, Haqqani was quoted as saying, "The Jewish lobby has to organize, write letters, and continue to contribute to politicians to counter the Saudi lobby, which has extraordinary influence in Washington." Oops. I guess we won't be seeing Saudi diplomats and American Muslim groups rolling out the red carpet for the new Pakistani ambassador in Washington.

Considering how Mr Haqqani has entertained negative US stereotypes about Pakistan on his American television appearances over the past years, not to mention his own criticial takes on Pakistan, a question arises: How will he assume the new role of defending the homeland as our envoy after years of doing the opposite?

Maybe this is just an unnecessary alarm and Mr Haqqani might just turn out to be our man to the Neocons. He is, after all, a talented middleman. But these are legitimate questions that no one is asking. Being a former email friend of Mr Haqqani, I will. And in Pakistan's interest, so should all Pakistanis.

The writer works for Geo English. Email:
 Reply:   Hussain Haqqani - What is the
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (25/Apr/2008)
I am a recipient of the following email that is doing the rounds these days about Pakistan's ambassador designate to the United States, Hussain Haqqani.
Hussain Haqqani - What is the Fuss About?
Wasiq Ali

I am a recipient of the following email that is doing the rounds these days about Pakistan's ambassador designate to the United States, Hussain Haqqani.

I fail to understand what the fuss is about. Are the circulators objecting to Haqqani participating in a Jewish event in Cleveland? Or are they criticizing his opinion that the Muslim world's decline started well
before the creation of Israel?

Is it such a reprehensible or contra-factual opinion? Also, how does holding this opinion result in denying the suffering of Palestinians, duly acknowledged in Haqqani's many writings?

If Haqqani criticized Saudi policies or groups he considers extremists, is that not within his rights as a scholar or writer?

It is time to cool down and examine the facts without prejudice or anger or jealousy. I speak of jealousy because Mohammed Malick and Ayaz Amir's digs at Haqqani can only be attributed to that. Ayaz Amir
described Haqqani as a friend and a "snake in the grass" at the same time in one column, making me wonder which one is the snake in the grass. I have  never read anything nasty written by Haqqani about any
of his current or former colleagues.

Haqqani has been a Benazir Bhutto associate for fifteen or so years, which is longer than most Pakistani politicos stay in one party. What if he has changed his position in the past? Only dead minds dont grow. Read BB's book 'Reconciliation' to find out what she thinks of Haqqani. You are welcome to not like BB or Haqqani but then express an opinion instead of pretending to circulate facts.

Going back to the Cleveland Jewish News story in circulation, Haqqani did not join the Institute created by Stephen Schwartz (a convert to Islam) as he is not listed on its website.

The Cleveland Jewish News is a community newspaper which is probably produced by volunteers and not professional journalists although we all know that even professional journalists get things wrong. The story shows how the reporter mixes up quotes by attributing the same sentence to both Haqqani and Schwartz. The story is not a transcript but a reporter's report. The two spoke at the same event and the reporter did not make a distinction between what each one said separately. Haqqani and Schwartz have not appeared in other events together, so charges of their being in cahoots are nullified.

In any case, Charlie Wilson's War demonstrates that the much vaunted "Mujahid of Islam" General Zia dealt with Jews and Israelis as did General Musharraf. I am not prepared to believe that any of the many Pakistanis living abroad have not shared office space, speaking platforms or business dealings with supporters of Israel.

Then, what is the fuss about Haqqani and the Cleveland Jewish News story? It is time to stop circulating such sensational stuff. Whether you like him or not,  Haqqani will now represent Pakistan in the U.S. and we
must strengthen his ability to get the best deal for Pakistan.

Similarly, the rubbish about Haqqani receiving research grants etc. in another email doing the rounds are evidence only of the circulator's ignorance. Every scholar in the U.S. receives grants to conduct
research and the greater the grant amount, the more successful scholar you are.

Now those who have never done research or published internationally might think of it all as some great conspiracy but any Pakistani with international recognition goes through the same drill.

Best regards,
Wasiq Ali

 Reply:   You can see his profile and hi
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (1/Apr/2008)

I know by giving link of his site here, i am indirectly promoting him but i think we should better know about these Mir Jaffar's,
 Reply:   Right thanx//
Replied by(josh) Replied on (1/Apr/2008)

I extracted it from the article from this link

you can read the whole article there I myself totally discard first part but 4 the rest i was not sure cause i neither kno ahmed qureshi nor haqqani so i needed some opinions

thanx 4 the comments
 Reply:   Ahmed Qureshi works for PTV n
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (1/Apr/2008)
Ahmed Qureshi is the biggest puppet and pet Musharraf has brought up in his last 8 years.
He normally and usually talks insane and non-sense theories.
I doubt his personality and comments alot , as he is totally biased person.
That is why, i cant say what he wrote above is right or wrong.
I have my reservations about Haqqani as well but after reading what Ahmed Qureshi wrote about him, my faith in Haqqani increased instead of decreasing.

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Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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