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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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            My father died on 13-05-1989, my age at time was 25 years, I wept before one of my father's friends who was there for condolence of the death of my father when he lauded my father's honesty, straightforwardness and competence. He rebuked me for shedding the tears, saying, "weeping, mourning etc dampens the determination of a person. It discourages a person to live in this world. Be brave and face the challenges of life boldly. The best way is to accelerate the struggle and produce name in the world. In this way, the name of your father would also become prominent along with your name". These words electrified me and I started my study with renewed zeal and got the present qualification. Today, in the village affairs, I happen to be the youngest one among the elders in the Jirga and the elders feel pleasure when I give any suggestion regarding the rights of the people of my village. At the departmental level in the Education Department, I defeated officers from the Tehsil level up to the Secretary Education in the Service Tribunal NWFP, Peshawar in a case in which the Departmental officers defended their illegal act of stopping my annual increment for the year 2000 without any legal justification. Most of my colleague teachers come to me for the solution of any legal problem and I help them in seeking remedy in the Competent Court for which I get no amount as I am not a practicing lawyer but feel pleasure in guiding them to the right forum. Other persons also seek my help and I willing give them the advice suited to them. Three top most lawyers of the District Swabi, Mr. Pervaiz Khan advocate and MNA from Swabi (well-versed in Civil Law), Mr. Ehsan Elahi Khan advocate (well-versed both in Criminal and Civil Laws), Mr. Sabz Ali Khan advocate (well-versed both in Criminal and Civil Laws) have requested me to come to District Courts Swabi in summer vacations for working with them. It is a great honour for me as a law student. Moreover, Mr. Abdul Qadir Khattak advocate Peshawar High Court had also offered to me for coming to Peshawar for working with him. (It is worth to mention that Abdul Qadir Khattak was one of the nominated persons for the post of Advocate General during the MMA Government). At departmental level, a function was held in the Government Primary School Topi, District Swabi on 10-11-2008 in which I was given the best teacher award along with other teachers. The ceremony was attended by two MPAs, Tehsil Nazim and other officers of the Department. Now it is not necessary that I or other teachers should fix their awards on their chests and move in the streets of the villages that they have been declared best teachers in Tehsil Topi. Instead we should concentrate more on our profession and duty to be more fruitful persons to the people who come in contact with us.

            The purpose of writing the above personal event and performance was just to show the PPP and other political parties who believe in mourning, weeping, lamenting just to get votes and support from the people and gain power, not to waste the time and money of the people on the graves and holding functions on the graves on the money of the people of Pakistan. The Human Rights Award from the U.N to Benazir Bhutto is not a morsel of meal to a hungry, clothes to a naked, house to a shelterless person, a bulb of electricity for a student to prepare himself in the light for the examination, a capsule of medicine for a sick person, a letter of appointment for a unemployed person etc. The award is of much value for Mr. Bilawal who is son of Benazir and has born with not silver but golden spoon in mouth, having no problem of any kind but is only without a mother. This is not a problem because there are thousands of people who are either motherless or fatherless or are without both. The award is of much value to Mr. Zardari who became President by dint of the party which Benazir left behind. The award is of much value for those stalwarts of Benazir's party who got ministries and enjoying all the facilities in Pakistan and abroad in Benazir's name. Unfortunately, it has become the cult of PPP to engage the people in weeping and mourning and itself enjoy all the available blessings of the State. Previously, the death of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was used by Benazir and remained the Prime Minister for two terms. Now I do not know how many times her death shall be used for taking votes from the people. She remained twice the Prime Minister of Pakistan but she did not change the condition of people even of her own village. Pirs, graves and landlords have key role in the Pakistani politics and the people consider them panacea for all evils.

            We are so unfortunate people that the leaders have snatched from us the thinking power. We do not think that why we should participate in these weeping and mourning campaigns when her own son is studying abroad with all the facilities of life and those available to the British ruling class.

Why the people are being compelled for extending their hands for Rs. 1000/- per month before any MNA in the Benazir Income Support Programme. This Rs. 1000/- per month is further humiliation of the already humiliated and disgraced class. Rs. 34 billions have been allocated for this purpose. Is this Rs. 1000/- sufficient to eradicate the poverty from the Country? A major portion of the allocated fund would be spent either on the advertisements of BENAZIR or holding functions for increasing the votes for the party. Thus Rs. 34 billions would be spent in such a way as 10 billions of dollars came from the United States to Pakistan and were spent and everyone has adopted complete silence on it.

Mr. Khursheed Shah, the Federal Minister of PPP enjoys the marriage of his son to the full strength of his muscles while his party is holding weeping and mourning campaigns for the people. People have their own dead nears and dears and have no time even to remember them due to their own miseries why should remember Benazir. Anyhow, she was very clever when she managed to hold meetings with Musharraf in Dubai (kept secret from media and people). She managed the affairs to her advantage when NRO was issued and all the accused persons were rendered innocent like newly born babies.

            What Benazir was, is an event of the history. What the people should do more in order to convince the leadership of PPP for their loyalties. The people of Pakistan enabled PPP to either have their Chief Ministers in the provinces or have coalitions. The President, Prime Minister is from PPP. There is no justification in weeping and mourning the death of any one in the party. People have fed up of all these discouraging activities. To whom the PPP wants to show their helplessness. The PPP leadership decided to have her murder case being investigated from the UNO but still the case brought no result. It is either no confidence in the State's Institutions or it wants to destroy the very case of murder itself.

            Benazir shall always remain in the hearts of the people just their own dead fathers and mothers if her party men gave relief to the people of Pakistan. They will not bother to conduct any arrangements for recalling to minds of the people the name or achievements of Benazir. The death anniversary celebrations would have adverse effects on the people when their daily needs are not fulfilled while the party remains busy in the activities not advantageous to the people of Pakistan.

            The petroleum prices at international level are decreasing continuously but the Government of Pakistan is unwilling to shift the benefit to the ultimate consumer at that speed at which the prices are decreasing. Lofty lectures on democracy become meaningless when the people are compelled to live in circumstances worst than those of dictatorial regimes.

            People sit before TV to forget the miseries of life for a moment or to gain information about the current situations in the Country, not to see the mourning shows of any political leader. Sometimes, it seems to me that the PTV current affair programmes compel us to see that, which we intentionally avoid to watch.

            I am very grateful to General Musharraf for allowing so many TV channels so that the people may have an opportunity to have a balanced opinion about the leaders and their acts. These champions of democracy ruled the Country but were reluctant to allow private channels and kept strangulated them either on one pretext or another. Whatever the PPP Government may say about its past or present Government, it is a fact that it failed to keep aware the people about its every act.

            The other coalition partners are also accountable to the people because they cannot hide behind the PPP. The people are justified to ask for at least 20% of achievements on their manifestoes for the last one-year ruling keeping in view the five-year mandate given to these parties. After five-year's term, the Government of ANP shall be judged because at present it says that Central Government is not paying the amount to the Province which is its right. The Provincial Government also complains that it has no authority over the resources of the provinces. The ANP shall be asked that when the PPP was not willing to accept its genuine demands then why you remained a coalition partner with it for five years. The ANP shall not be allowed to argue that PPP was not cooperative with it.

            My political wisdom predicts the overwhelming majority of PML (N) in the four provinces and in the centre in the next election because of its clarity in issues and struggle. The main reason of the separation of Nawaz Sharif from the coalition was Judiciary and the incident of the Chief Justice daughter's up gradation of marks has once again proved that the Government is not serious with this matter. It is not a minor matter. Nawaz Sharif should stick to the issue until the next election if the present Government shows inability or unwillingness to resolve this issue according to the established rules and law of this Country. Parliament is Supreme and no authority or person can prevent it from its inherent function"”Legislation.

One suggestion to Nawaz Sharif that prepare your party for the next election with this slogan that Accountability shall be done and the culprits shall be chased in the whole World and shall not be allowed to take shelter under any another NRO.

Manzoor Ahmad Yousafzai

B.Sc; L.L.B. M.A. Political Science
 Reply:   An Excellent write up and i am 100% agree with it.
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (20/Dec/2008)
An Excellent write up and i am 100% agree with it. They were burning all our money just for election campaign with new strategy. If they were so much worried about Benazir death then why the hell no investigation has started yet
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