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 PPP facing threats from pens, snipers: Zardari

Friday, January 22, 2010
Conspiracies to be foiled with people’s force

By Khwaja Babar Salim

CHAKWAL: President Asif Zardari said on Thursday the Pakistan People’s Party was facing threats from pens and snipers, but such conspiracies would be foiled with the force of the people.

“We cannot be killed by any stroke of the pen, or bayonets,” the president said while addressing a big public gathering after laying the foundation of the Ghabir Dam some 95 kilometres from here. “The PPP has confronted three dictators and struggled for the restoration of democracy in the country. We did not come into power through the back door. Bhuttoism is a philosophy, and to sacrifice lives is the manifesto of the People’s Party,” he said.

He said Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was judicially murdered and those who were involved in his murder were now admitting openly that they were pressurised. Zardari, who is also the PPP co-chairman, was confident that the party would come up to the expectations of the people.

More than five thousand people participated in the public meeting. The Wapda authorities arranged this event by allegedly spending Rs 5 million. Thousands of people, mostly Wapda employees, were brought in vehicles of Wapda from Tarbela and other areas.

The Ghabir Dam would be constructed at a cost of Rs 6 billion, having a storage capacity of 66,203 acre feet. Thirty thousand acres of land would be irrigated from the dam, which would generate 50MW hydropower.

Water and Power Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf also addressed the gathering, while Senior Punjab Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad was accompanying the president. State Minister for Defence Production Sardar Salim Haider, ex-adviser to PM Malik Ghulam Jilani Akhtar, MNA Palwasha Behram, MPA Fauzia Behram, ex-MNA Sardar Mansoor Hayat Tamman and Chakwal PPP President Shah Jahan Sarfraz Raja were also present on the occasion. DPO Sabir Ahmad was supervising the security arrangements.

APP adds: President Zardari said conspiracies that began from the times of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto continue to this day and regretted the role of “political actors” in this regard. The president said Benazir Bhutto was martyred so that she may not become the prime minister. “Even today a conspiracy of pen is going on against the martyrs (of the PPP),” the president told the crowd that was chanting ‘Aik Zardari Sab Pe Bhaari’.
                                A I K
Attentive I became when read this very slogan
Iqbal wishes he be patted and not shown a gun
Knit will I now total facts since the story begun
                          Z A R D A R I
Zardari as Pakistan President commands respect
Allah has given him the chance so people expect
Relief he will provide to those who got him elect
Decidedly give & take is rule which should reflect
Abstain he must not from primary duty to protect
Reverse he should all laws which are anti-subject
Indeed he can be life president if delivers project
                                S A B
Straight away he must surrender whatever is loot
Await he should not for NAB or court to show boot
Belittled is his authority he & nation can hear toot
                                  P E
Ponder I an inborn rich with golden spoon in mouth
Examplify himself as corrupt in east west north south
                              B H A A R I
Brave he will if returns cash & property through news
Having done so he will triumph and hit in global news
Admission is bravery not cowardice all have same views
Avail he must the chance and to reign unless opts blues
Restless he must be a bit if not more reading bad news
Iqbal gave message to Zardari wish it is flashed in news
With my honest and solemn prayers
Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /

 Reply:   USA gift to Pakistan , 12X1 =RQ -7 Shadow planes ,
Replied by(rchisty20099) Replied on (23/Jan/2010)

I found that USA ,Pentagon /White house is giving gift to Pakistan , 12X1 =RQ -7 Shadow planes ,
This plane physics is (1) Its made by AAI Corporation USA , (2) It have 38 Horse power engine (3) It can take 270 kgs extra -GM 114 Hellfire missiles =approx 7 missiles (4) It ‘s always hidden from Radar , and other type of spy instruments , it fly over 8 kms =8000 meter in sky over clouds (5) its developed by Pentagon fund to researcher of AAI , in 1991 (6) Its tactical UAV (7) It will significantly increased the Pakistan surveillance and reconnaissance capability , (8) it have following sensors =NIIRS 5.5/6.5 WAS /SPOT , INFRARED NIIRS ,SAR/GMTI 1 m /0.3 m SAR WAS , GMTI At 20-200 km range (9) Radar = AN/ALR-69 , AN/ALE-50 ,MTI
I=Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A who is doing scientific proved work against Al-Quida ,Taliban ,Hindu terror ,Indian terror , from past 1999 to till today =11 years =by having 6 publications against terrorism= like to tell on this that its real and good work of USA as Pakistan have proved work against terror its killed its own boundary based Muslims terrorist , But India =Dr Manmohan singh =Hindu police free all MH Brahminist =Hindu terrorists =those have proved link of approx 100 terror activist in whole india included Mumbai local train blast 2005,2007 , Samjoota train blast ++ For those Dr Manmohan singh is using IB=RAW to diluted = zero with time=its proved tactic of Indian politicians , all cases against Hindu terror and , make put on other religion other nation people !!?? so india is safe heaven for hindu terror ,IB,RAW ,Hindu police ,Hindu army =millions ,billions population !!??
Providing 12 RQ-7 Shadow plane , to Pakistan is good work of USA , Counter terror advisors to White house and Pentagon , and south Asian diplomatic advisors to while house , b’se those work ,will get prize ,reward but those are like Hindu =Secular Hindu or Indian having paralyzed , con , Low quality of PMO= IB.RAW ,HM ,FM India =counter Hindu terror and supporting to Religious hindu and other hindu for Hindu world to do Orissa 2008 Christen genocide , 2008 Karnataka christen genocide ,2007-2008 Christen genocide ,Gujarat 2002 genocide =openly supported by local governments =those total population is =300 millions =USA Population , and satellite technology use like Udaipur city Raj india from 1991 to till today , ,Saudi Arabia , Bahrain 2008 Jan to 2008 Dec , ,Dubai ,Sharajaha, Abu Dhabi , Ajmman , Fujaraha =UAE , Oman , from past 2001 Feb to 2003 Feb to till today to make Hindu world , again I want to tell IB =Hindu terror group have its capability to use hindu satellite technology up to ME=Gulf based any home any where , can reached to any laptop, cell, room like what CNN,BBC , Aljajeera , Germany TV ,Australian TV Korean TV , Japan TV ,ME =Gulf all channels , Pakistan ,Bangladesh , Nepal , Indonesia ,Canada , news channel can reach !
Pl I am one of the reviewer in J . Schizophrenia Research ( www. from May 2007 . Pl I have two publications against Al-Qaida , one against LTTE =South Indian in ME=Gulf !? , few against Hindutava terror groups ,which came from real life in India !!?? Please recently = 15th April /March -2008 , my one paper=Abstract got selected in prime conference of royal society of chemistry = Analytical Research Forum 2008, Title: Ruhel New concept to anti -chemical terror by use of speed checker AND Chemical detective sensors to stop Al-Quaida attack at Saudi Aramco AND SABIC AND Other Petrochemicals companies in Gulf and whole world , = Two publications Against Bio chemical, Chemical terror =Weapon of mass destruction =WMD .
,Pl I am one of the reviewer in International Journal of Psychology and Counseling AND Journal Of Public Health And Epidemiology ( ) and from August 2009 .. pl I am Indian minority +OBCS=other backward class - scientist ! ,
(1) New Dimension Against Terrorism: A New Sensor (Ruhel-Sensor) Three Different Sensor's Coupling CCD (CMOS) Sensor and Rodamass Sensor (Rode of Eye) - Coupled Olfactory Sensor-Olfactory-Enzymes Sensors Chisty R P,21 ( AE-1.P033),: IUPAC - CSC 2003 Scientific Program TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 , AE - Analytical/Environment – Poster Session Chair: TBA , RChisty ,39Th IUPAC Congress and 86th conference of the Canadian society of Chemistry Aug 10-15 ,2003 Ottawa ,Ontario ,Canada = Against Weapon of mass destruction =WMD .

Ruhel Chisty

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