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US Elections 2008: Whom Muslim voters should vote for?

By Wasi Siddiqui

( Member of Canadian Authors Association )


The US elections process is currently underway and top candidate for the White House job are Hillary Clinton, and off course the underdog Barrack Obama and many more candidates are also taking part in the elections.


The Muslims community should also lay out a plan, to whom they will vote and why? The first thing that Muslims can do, is to demand the independent inquiry into 9/11 tragedy and expressing their concern towards the problems they are facing after the 9/11  and this is the greatest opportunity for them to highlight their problems and concerns.


The Muslims should only vote for a candidate who promised them an inquiry of 9/11 events and should reject the claims of Al-Qaeda attack theory. It is time for them to get united behind their common concerns and should bring the matter in the public life. Muslims votes are vital for the world safety and security, and they must take this matter with great responsibility.


The candidate on the other hand are not letting the opportunity go away by using Pakistani matters into the elections campaign , even Obama said " that he will send the US troops into Pakistan if he becomes the next President ". No matter if this is just an election slogan or a serious threat, the Muslims must not vote for such individuals. It is to be noticed that Mr. Obama has already denied that he is a Muslim.


Even though , there has been discussion about the Pakistan's Nuclear weapons being falling into wrong hands , and this wrong hands are no other than a reference to Islamic or religions parties in Pakistan , or so-called Al-Qaeda , one thing is clear that after Iran the next in line is indeed Pakistan. The recent statement of CIA which blamed Al-Qaeda for the assassination of Bhutto has made things looks even more dangerous since this means that more trouble for Pakistan has been planned.


The confession of a 15-years old boy that he was the member of the Al Qaeda squad to kill Bhutto is seems to be a desperate answer to the mystery surrounding the killing of Bhutto, if a boy was ready to confessed the killing or being a part of the team, then why the Investigators team was called from Scotland? What was the need to call them on the first place? Is there any body left to blame? Are they going to blame on the "bullet" which killed Bhutto? Or they are going to say straight forward that "Asif Ali Zardari" ordered the killing?  What a shame blame game being played in the name of investigation.


The Muslims voters must vote for such a candidate who show support for Muslims which could lead to a greater harmony and peace in the world and not chaotic situations that we have been witness in this long trouble years since 9/11 events. The media and Physical war against Muslims and Islam has now reached to a danger zone and every single Muslims feeling insecure.



The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan is indeed a great concern for every Muslim, and this new threats to Pakistan is a very serious issue and Muslims voters should take this responsibility very seriously and should avoid their vote go into wrong hands. Off course, when we say the Pakistan nuclear weapons falling into wrong hand then why not avoid a wrong candidate being sent to the White House.


May Allah keep Pakistan always safe and sound.



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Replied by(Noman) Replied on (21/Jan/2008)

"Mr. Obama has already denied that he is a Muslim."
Wht that means exactly.
are their rumors that he is muslim or what.
Secondly, which candidate suggests to attack Mecca and madina, i think that was also Obama.
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Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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