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A small treatise against publishing musical videos of Pakistani films
Dear brothers and readers,
This is a small treatise against punlishing musical videos on Net newspapers or magazines. Some Ahadith and references and explantions from Holy Quran have been added along with some sayings and/or opinions of diferrent Ulama and Imams. Such actions are equivalent to changing of the values in a Muslim society, which is extremely harmful for the Islamic training of the Muslim childern born in a Non-Muslim country.  While we protest agains the cartoons published in Danish newspapers, but we ourselves publish musical videos against the teachigs of Islam for enjoying temporary pleasure of music, which eventually leads to drinking, dancing and what not.
Our embassy in Tokyo initiated this evil on Pakistan Day. Pakistani  nationals followed it and some of them started publishing musical videos of Pakistani films which also show shameful poses of various film actresses as well. Do we want our daughters now and in future generations regard these actresses as a role model for their lives in future? Our embassies and some other citizens encouraged by official initiatives are bent upon creating such unIslamic values in our Muslim societies in non-Muslim foreign countries. Regards,
Hissian Khan,Tokyo

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