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This article is a second installment against Pakistan embassy's style of celebrating Pakistan Day in Japan this year. This has led to encouragement for other Pakistanis to arrange their own Musical Shows.  For last several years those Pakistanis had abandoned these activities. But getting encouragement by the evil-breeding action of the embassy, they are now planning to resume their old activities.  Thus one evil is giving birth to another one. If this breeding of evil continues till the last Day of Judgment, the people who have sown its seeds first will be punished for not only their own individual misdeeds but also for all those evils that have resulted thereafter until the Last Day.  Allah may forgive individual sins, but the accountability for encouraging others who will pass on these evil deeds to the future generations cannot not be wiped out so easily. Those who have sown the seeds of any evil custom in the collective life of any Muslim or non-Muslim society in their life-time will have to face it for ever.
Second theme is about our shamelessness to invite Pakistani girls to dance in front of ambassadors of other countries and the general Japanese public and to show it as if it is a culture of Islam, since it was presented by a Muslim country bearing its official name as an "Islamic Republic". Here I have given the reference of a Hadith. Our Prophet (PBUH) has spoken about ZINA, adultery. that no one would tolerate Zina with his mother, sister or daughter. If we apply the same logic of our respectful Prophet (PBUH) to dancing of our mothers, sisters or daughters, we can realize the extent of shamelessness that our embassy staff has committed.
It has also been made clear in this article that it was not the initiative of the secular Zardari government, but of some "Black Sheep" among the embassy staff in Tokyo, who have dared to break a more than 40-year old ban on such activities by the late President Zia-ul-Haque. A leader of Pakistan Association, Japan, Mr. Shahzad Behlum, has put entire blame on the local embassy rather than on the central government and has vowed to fight it out through demonstrations against the embassy, if it again dares to repeat the same next year.  Many other Pakistanis have also vowed to demonstrate on all those venues, where any attempt will be made by the embassy to hold dancing programs of Pakistani girls in Japan.  I will provide further details on this aspect in my 3rd article of this series in near future, Insha-Allah.
Please find below some supportive statements by readers of my previous article on this subject, which can be read again by clicking  on the link: http://urdunetjpn. com/ur/2010/ 04/04/hussain- khan-2/
"Please see supportive short article of Abdur Rahman Siddiqi on Urdunet Japan (Nasir Nakagawa) on this subject, 12-4-20. All  serious Islamic minded  writers are requested to write on this  subject again and again. May Allah subha na taala, guide us all. A.R. Siddiqi." This article can be read by clicking on the link: http://urdunetjpn. com/ur/2010/ 04/12/a-r- siddiqi-45/
Another comment is from a friend in New York, who is also an active Senior member of Islamic Circle of North America and Canada.
"Mohtram Hussain Khan Saheb,   Assalamu Alaikum
Shukrun wa Jazakallah for your quick response.  Thanks Allah you are fine and busy in your new job. May Allah  bless your social, political and economic engagements magnanimously with success.
You comments  about the governance of Mr 10 %  are correct but need more condemnation, as that is what you could do. He is an extremely  bad stigma in the name of Islam, Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah. He is worst puppet of the USA than "Ghulam-Pervez" . He is too much scared of his disqualification as President and now counting his days. He is a character less man as was Pervez who was showing his wife as a piece of culture everywhere.
The secularist, opportunist and the bureaucrats [both civil and military]  are bent upon to bury the ideology of Pakistan deep in the ruins of Tora Bora when the Islamic forces are just busy in parrot-like uttering "go America go", unmindful of these dance and music dynamites that are being strewn in and out side Pakistan  in the name of Pak culture. If our values are torpedoed at an accelerated speed by these regimes no body  will stand for Islam and the  few that will dare to come forward will  either be executed or removed otherwise.  
This is the game plan of both of the civil and military establishments of Pakistan with the tacit approval of the USA and the Allied forces. What you have seen in Tokyo on the Independence Day is just a replica of that killing of Islam through the cultural gorilla forces of Pervez-Kiyani axis.  Zardari is only a tool to save his dirty skin.
I salute that Japani  brother who correctly understood the theme of partition. He should be the ambassador of Pakistan in Japan. Convey my best wishes  to him if you see him. Shukrun    

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