"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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 Reply:   Oh, we got a person finally, who dare to salute PML(Q)
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (24/Sep/2009)

i really appreciate your courage and whatever else you said about PML(Q), people knows better, so no need to explain anything.
 Reply:   Nawaaz, Hamid, Shahid, Abbas, Imran, Munawaar etc etc
Replied by(uasked4t) Replied on (24/Sep/2009)

we all know that whenever the army has to come , it will come and no one can stop him.if the trial of musharraf can stop the way of dictatorship, those who are thinking like this are fools, the only way to stop the dictatorship is that the politicians stop corruption n stop pulling each others legs and their personal grudges against each other.and think in the interest of pakistan.its only that nawaz sharif is taking personal revenge for his exile of 8 years, but he has learned nothing in these 8 years. In charter of democracy he is only concentrating on the points which benefits him like 13th amendment and judges and not talking about which do not benefit him like municipal elections,local government system.which is a part of charter of democracy,in fact going against it.there must be something in musharraf that the world is inviting him for lectures and paying him millions of dollars. tell me is there any one invitation for nawaz sharif in these 8 years of exile?.hamid mir , ansar abbasi n shahid masood,saleem saafi, n others in Geo leave no chance to malign musharraf and speak against him, for their personal revenge after musharraf ban their programs.its on record that how he apologised and gave interview next day to kamran khan.,that too ,when the orders to attack geo office was not given by him.they were banned by that time by musharraf only for this reason that they were concentrating only the bad things to sensationalise their programs, and each of these hosts were acting like a supreme court judge,setting up their court in each program, putting their own bias views and giving their own verdict"¦they were banned correctly that time"¦ there were more good things done by him, but geo t.v. specially showed to the nation that nothing good is happening in pakistan.only concentrating on the bad things to sensationalise their programs.shahid masood is not credible any more after how kamran khan and iftikhar ahmed in "jawaab deh" contradicted all his information about musharrafs last days n more things"¦he has lost his credibility.i wonder if jang group as an organisation is taking revenge by maligining musharraf,Does this attitude suits Jang group.? ignoring all facts n his good works, the list of his correct decisions n good works are longer than the mistakes he made.if u open ur eyes n got its independence from mushaaraf, but they dont accept it, they say that they got it by their own struggle,tell me what struggle did they do? , any protests, any long march,these so called media giants did for the independence of media, why they coudnt get it in 52 years and suddenly got it in the 53rd year of not only means press, our artists, musicians , actors,fashion industry have all benefitted from this and now the world is taking notice of our talents.there is alot of support for musharraf in the media.and media does not means press only.karachi stock market was named the best performing stock market in asia during musharraf,shoukat aziz was named as the best finance minister in the world by times mgazine, that only proves that our economy did well, and the countrry was on the way to progress"¦mr jahangir badar of pml - n said in t.v. program, that we need at least rs 2 corore rupees to contest in the election, so that means the middle claas and lower income people can never come in the main stream politics"¦..when i look around,i see only one political party doing that, and many people would not like to take its name., and label them as an ethinic party.Can some one ask imran khan and jamaat-e-islami, that they criticize government for starting the swat operation, and sending army there,do they think that our army n inteligence agencies, isi, are mad people to have started the operation just because government ask them to do so ,is it that they do not trust our army and intelligence capabilities, that there were enough proofs of foreign interventions in swat and waziristan,munawar hassan of jamaat, openly said in an interview that paksitan army is also millitants,askariat pasand, so they have put army n these terrorist on the same category.everyone knows that jamaat has been training and hiring these millitants during afghan war, how is it possible that they do not have any links with these terrorists now,in the past there has been arrests of al quaida leaders from jamaat mna's houses, i dont know why our genius anchors do not ask questions with them.whats the problem of yasin malik,why is he critisizing the decision of gilgit baltistan sovereginty, is he fighting for the independence of occupied kashmir by india or he is fighting for the pakistan side of kashmir azaad kashmir too,or he thinks that pakistan has also occupied kashmir on ourside.and he wants that pakistan should leave the azaad kashmir too..he has no right to crtisize that. whose language is he talking.ML(Q) got the highest numbers of votes in the last election,more than ppp and MLN, its only becoz of their stupid planning of nominating their candidates, they lost the elections.but the people of pakistasn did recognise their work.has anyone thought why there has been threee murder attempts on musharraf, and why there were two murder attempts on benazir.these were the only two leaders that could have taken pakistan to great heights, if they would have joined hands together.What did we get after restoring cheif justice ?did we get electricty,Water, Flour, Sugar,Could we solve the problem of Fata, Balouchistan.India involvement in Balocuhistan,India's stoping pakistans water.,what did we get. ?For 2 years we wasted in the struggle for restoring chief justice, and whole nation got paralysed, what did we get after that?Muslim League Nawaaz only agenda is to derail the government somehow so that Nawaz sharif can become the prime minster,Now they plan to paralyse Pakistan in the name of Musharrafs trial.? what problems of the nation will be solved with that.?"¦ Why we do not understand that either its the killing of Bugti or Laal masjid or any other thing, Musharraf did not took any decisions alone, without consulting his core commanders, the intelligence agencies reports, army officers which includes the present command of army too.No one is speaking against kayaani now,because he is in power now but when he will retire these our genious politicians will be talking against him too,whenever the army has to come , it will come and no one can stop him.
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