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India’s Fake Secular Democracy: Assam Muslims under Hindu Terror Siege




By Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:



Majority Hindus in fanatic India can do any insane tricks and  conduct terror operations against minorities, especially the Muslims, if  the regime, media and judiciary can tactfully shield their ghastly crimes aginst humanity. 


That has exactly been happening in Indian sub continent for decades now. By doing so, India collecitvely share the guilt. 


Sept-11 hoax perpetrated by anti-Islamic forces came as a boon to the anti-Muslim lelemnts in India and Assam has been burning for quite some time nwo off and on, each time killing some Muslims. 


The decision of Bodo majority Hindus in Assam to kill Muslims to showcase their joint power in the country is also cruel.  This theme is supported by the HIndutva outfits roaming about the nation to fish in troubled communal problems in order to expand their vote bank considerably to make to the power corridors to loot nation’s resources as the “patriotic” BJP leaders are doing in their ruling states. 


Majority terror against Muslims in Assam as elsewhere in the background of judiciary’s clean chit to Gujarat chief minister who obviously got so many Muslims killed cold bloodedly is not just anti-constitutional but also anti-humanity. Brutality of Hindu majority against Muslims should not be condoned but severely punished.


It is, however, cruel that Indian judiciary which is committed to  protect minorities by providing justice to them agaisnthrte Hindu majority, unfortunatley,  has also joined the anti-Islamic chorus of the BJP led communal forces successfully operating in the country by targeting the besieged Muslims in Assam. 


Hindu media make a big hue and cry that foreigners come to India as if it is a cirme for peole to migrate. As many Hindus as millions have migrated to other countries and have obtained citizenships, including duel ones and Indian Hindus are proud of that”acheavement. The regime promotes such systematic migration to foreign countries. In recent years many Hindus have migrated to Canada.  Lakhs of Hindus have migrated to Jammu region of occupied Jammu Kashmir in order to claim legitimacy of occuption fever since that nation was invaded and brutally occupied, killing thousand so f Muslims.


But Muslims from neighboring East Bengal is not welcome in India and Assamese Muslims are brutally killed as "illegal immigrants" by the majority Hindus but the crimes are shielded by the regime and judiciary, emboldening the Hindu criminals to commit more crimes. 


The historical background of ethnic tension in Assam as the Bodo-Muslim clash is also rooted to the same demographic avalanche from erstwhile East Bengal. Various historical developments since the annexation of Assam by the British in 1826 suggest that the protracted demographic invasion from erstwhile eastern Bengal to Assam has been one of the major sources of ethnic bitterness and tension in the region. 


The ongoing Bodo-Muslim clash is an offshoot of this bitterness.Initially, the British brought the Muslim peasantry from the over populated eastern Bengal to Brahmaputra and Surma valleys in Assam for tea plantation as well as for the purpose of growing more food grains but the sequence of subsequent developments suggest that the descendants of the former Muslim rulers of Indian sub-continent with an objective to regain their political supremacy adopted a strategy to turn Assam also into a Muslim majority region like East Bengal. Some of these events may be an eye opener to understand the politics in the region. 


New laws were passed from time to time to isolate and harass Muslims in Assam. The creation of BTAD under the provision of the sixth schedule of the Indian constitution by carving out of eight existing districts was however strongly resisted by the Muslim settlers in the area who had migrated to this region from erstwhile eastern Bengal as it prohibited the non-tribal to buy land there. While the Bodo agitation reached to its peak, the Governor of Assam, military man Lt. Gen.(Retd.) S. K. Sinha who was made the governor there only to  create problems of Muslims, submitted an alarming report to the President of India in 1998 on the continuous demographic invasion by Bangladesh and called the infiltration a ‘national threat’.


Under pressure from Hindu communal forces the Supreme Court repealed in July 2005 the enactment of the IMDT Act after twenty-two years of, it. This was another blow to the Muslims as the Indian regime was getting the noose tighter and closer to Muslims. 

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