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APL terms the racial harassment in British schools unacceptable and ugly

LONDON, October 21, APL (Association of Pakistani Lawyers), a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, and Judges in UK has taken serious note of English newspaper’s report that Children as Young as Four Involved in Race Attacks in UK Schools and that Almost 50 children are racially bullied in UK schools every day,

APL termed the racial harassment in British schools unacceptable, immoral and ugly. This shows the other side of our society which needs to be mended through coercive community cohesion, awareness and community partnership with effective policing. APL leant with caution from British Press that Of 152 local authorities that were sent freedom of Information requests by media almost one-third did not keep records or discipline bullies, suggesting huge variations in response to the problem nationwide. Other figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the newspaper were startling that included:53,687 racist bullying incidents logged by primary and secondary schools in the past five years, 8,878 pupils suspended from lessons and 53 expelled over the same period, 1,161 incidents recorded by schools in Leeds during 2011-12 - resulting in 81 pupils being excluded, 749 pupils in Kent punished more severely - with 116 barred from classes.

We welcome Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt’s statement that ,  "Whenever it raises its ugly head, racism needs to be stamped upon.", but we will need actions than mere words. “These figures suggest that Britain needs to do more to assure the British public especially minority ethnic community that Race Relations Act as well as anti racial harassment & bullying policies are effectively implemented in its letters and spirit and an appropriate data is maintained at all schools. We need action than mere words to condemn such outrageous figures and behaviour in schools where our children go to seek awareness about civilisation, culture and skills to building their future”, said Mr. Malik. 


We would like Schools to draw up measures to keep data, prevent bullying and assist the victims and families to come forward and report where it is happening such practice and teachers must be given compulsory training to deal with bad behaviour and bullying as well as diversity and community awareness.

APL observed that community protection irrespective of their race, colour or origin must be the primary task of the law enforcement segments and it must be taken seriously and a ‘zero tolerance’ must be shown against anyone who is involved in such crime and or practice. APL demanded that Education Secretary and Police including other agencies must consider it “an absolute priority”, as we expect all agencies to treat racial harassment , bullying and race hate crime extremely seriously and take all steps necessary to deter and defeat such mindset working together to address problems in individual communities, and society at large.

Signed By Chair & Secretary
Amjad Malik – Chair APL

Of Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)
Monday, October 21, 2013

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