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Odysseus Blooms-day, June 16th


Homer poured, in thousand wrote.

Distant lands with swords smote.

Hate and fate spelt siege of troy.

Famous made by wooden ploy.

Feigning training unheard beast.

Slogs to spurn Palamedes' feast.

Not Infirm mind yet scatters salt.

To seeing eyes sows the fault

Ithaca's reynard, fated king.

Ached for worlds, sea wave wing.

Machiavellian sly-boot, on the rail.

Rough hand ale; hung desolate sail.

Galling nerves hath tied to mast.

Tamed the surf, ebbed fury past.

Roaring tempests take to task.

Therein glory constructs to bask.

Decades done in wrath and whim.

Tumultuous waves on journey grim.

With morning vigor, onward race.

For slighter mortals set the pace.

Lesser men doth labor disgrace.

Labor disgraces no mans face.

Enticing sea nymph hid a seven.

Deathly grief in years to tavern.

Calypso naught in years wrench.

Counsels Hermes a livid wench.

Lent an ear and came to terms.

Closeted deep in vengeful germs.

Olden done yet grasped the bow.

Penelope ends her memory row.

Ithacensian wooers, done to woe.

Saw him string and ate the crow.

Suitors of Penelope were be slay.

Drew Odysseus, came the day.

Poorer than Irus, shalt who be?

Soul who bequeathed to the lee.

Swindler him, that done to dust.


Clutching blade in heart thrust.

Enigmas, puzzles Joyce'd spun;

fair sages amid, had poking fun.





(June 14, 2009)


Roman misspelling Ulysses

June 16 is celebrated by Joyce's fans worldwide as 'Bloomsday' and is commemorated by activities such as academic symposia, re-enactments and readings from Ulysses"¦this is my humble rendering of a niche of the Odyssey by Homer


Ulysses is one of the greatest literary works in the English language. In his remarkable tour de force, Joyce catalogues one day "“ June 16 1904 "“ in immense detail as Leopold Bloom wanders through Dublin, talking, observing, musing "“ and always remembering Molly, his passionate, wayward wife. Set in the shadow of Homer's Odyssey, internal thoughts "“ Joyce's famous stream of consciousness "“ give physical reality extra colour and perspective. Though Ulysses is widely regarded as a "˜difficult' novel, this fresh and lively reading shows its comic genius as well as its great moments of poignancy, making it more accessible than ever before

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