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UK Lawyers Condemn extra judicial killing of Sialkot brothers & demand a judicial enquiry
Association of Pakistani Lawyers a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, Judges in UK jointly have taken serious note of the extra judicial killing of Sialkot brothers (Mughees & Muneeb) and have condemned it in strongest terms, and APL have demanded a judicial enquiry from the Govt of the day into the whole affair as lawlessness only breeds lawlessness and Sialkot brothers death is a challenge to state apparatus.
APL observed that no one in the state has power to authorize capital punishment except a court of law. If these brothers were suspected of committing a crime, police should have arrested, investigated, challaned and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty as charged before a court of law. The way these two teenagers were inhumanly and degradingly treated, and police allowed them to be killed in their presence, tortured and mutilated their dead bodies is not only a crime of a highest order but affects the moral fabric of any society which aspires to progress on faith, discipline and rule of law. Police whilst witnessing the horror and failing in their duty, Public at large who silently witnessing it as soup opera and those who perpetrated the killing, and those who mutilated the bodies, are all guilty of a crime against a state and they need to be brought under accountability if the Govt. wishes to curb and check this mindset to multiply.
APL observed that unbridled police powers and ruler’s silence on the brutalities which we are witnessing now a days in Pakistan remind us not only the slogan upon which  modern police force of western world works and our force was established i.e ‘police ka hey kaam madad aap ki (duty of police is public service) which has become a thing of the past. APL have read statements on all sides calling the people ‘fundamentalist’ and APL feels that if someone is fundamentalist in Pak society that’s  the police force and fundamental job of the masses must be as citizens of Pakistan to demand a whole sale reforms in this institution. APL feels that looking at the overall incidents of heavy handedness in last 12 months, Pakistani police force gives a horrific picture seeing the unlawful brutal killing of two young teenagers where police stood and watched whilst outlawed individuals unleashed horror, terror and brutality without limitation and boundaries. Police force who is now armed with new Police Order Act seems to ‘allow them to take people’s clothes off’ too if they protest. APL declared that It is very important to create political consensus on the issue of de-politicization of police as without the timely and correct implementation of laws, rules and judgments given by the judiciary to the police, all the laws and rules will be meaningless.  Political class must re-evaluate the function of the police and make it absolutely independent so that it becomes ‘a true public service force’ and combat what harms comes public’s way. This will make the police force more professional, incorruptible and to ensure that they act in the cause of justice. APL welcomes Political Quarters pledge to reform judiciary and urge them to include Police force too in their charter of claims as without proper Professional Police Force nation’s rights must be given as rights not favours and they cannot be delivered as rights unless Police act as public servants impartially.
APL maintained as always for equality, good treatment, and civil rights and European Convention on Human Rights also arms the general public against “torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” What we witnessed in that incident is rightly an ‘inhuman treatment’ public humiliation which law opposes the public authorities to do, ‘heavy handedness’ and ‘criminal neglect’ in general public matters. We all hope that Govt of the day has a challenge to meet in order to ensure justice to the parents of those two Sialkot brothers who lost their loved one’s without a reason, police investigation, charge and or a court order. Govt of the day has a duty and it must ensure justice with them which is seen to be done, and authorize an enquiry to determine the role and an extent police criminally neglected their duty to protect those boys and allowed them to be killed without a due process of law.
APL feels that will be a test of wisdom of Chief Minister as well as Prime Minister of Pakistan as if they fail in discharging their duties here, the public will get a wrong message and will start slaying ordinary members of the public either on political motivation, backup of corrupt police and or as a result of utter frustration and apathy, that is the fear they must address. APL has noted such utter violence in blasphemy accusations, whether true or false, where public took law in their hands and carried out punishment without a trial.  
Barrister Amjad Malik, MA, LLM
Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)
Life Member SCBA (Pakistan)
Monday, 23 August 2010
Office Address
OL11 1EF

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