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A three poem Tribute to Obama and Osama


                               ( 1 )

Obama and Brown Discuss About Taliban

                    (July,29,2009 )

************ ********* ********* *****


To the warning of the world, Bush  paid no heed,

The pangs of his venture, now I am unable to bear.


You echo the voice of my heart, my dear friend, !

This Blair legacy has brought  laughter and jeer.


But  as  mighty nations, we are to save our grace,

Coming empty , we will lose all our  awe and fear.            


Our  army says, they are giants in human shape,

For them, mountains and rivers are no barrier.

Our commanders tremble while narrating the tale,

'These Talibans fight with smile, and die with cheer.


I have used all the wiles, my mind  could conceive,

I deployed Pak-Afghan stooges from front and rear.

Our media gave their profile as most demonic race,

To our misfortune, all this made their tide stronger.


History traces millions of our graves in that land ,

Russians have the memory even darker and bleaker.

This time we believed in NATO and your drones,

To erase the  past stigma, and open a new chapter.


Our weapons and drones have yielded no result,

The death of  innocents has exposed us to sneer.

When we think, our bombs  finished their creed,

They emerge again, with a spirit, bolder and purer.



I confide in you brother, my generals have told,

‘They bury their dead with eyes having  no tear.’

I am convinced from what I have heard and seen,

Each drop of their blood produces a new warrior.


I think it sagacious to discard these brutish  folk,

And declare our move as a humanitarian gesture.

We both must call it  the folly of Bush and Blair,

And pretend, we are peaceful and morally superior.


I admire your genius, and endorse your views,

If  we fail to withdraw , our future is  drearier .


Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.


                   ( 2 )

Zardari  and  Karzai Before Obama



To reaffirm our slavery to the American Lord,

To renew our vow to wipe out the Taliban threat;

To wash out from our lands  the traces of faith,

We have come before you  with  folded hands.

We are at your feet in this  crusade against Islam,

We echo your words to term it as a ‘war on terror’;

Your praise for us is  the way to our lasting  peace,

For us, Allah's Will is meaningless before your joy.

Thousands of innocents , your bombs have claimed,

We decry you just on lips, but    seek your   refuge ;

We can never dare to speak  against our masters,

We hold our  chairs under the shade of your shoes.

But with trembling voice, we wish to bare the truth,

None can extinguish the Afghan’s  divine  flames ;

For this reality, we are ready to offer our heads,

We both are bound to suffer the horrors of  shame.


  ******************************************                              ( 3 )                   

 Obama to  Zardari and Karzai

               ( May,9,2009 )

************ ********* ********

I  am deeply distressed with you, my lovely  slaves!,

Still you are not fully drenched  with Muslim blood;

Hundreds or thousands is too little a figure for me,

Like my predecessor, I wish to see it  like a flood.

Go on a ruinous prowl , as a mad and frenzied dog,

Which seldom barks, but  believes in biting more;

Never  be swayed  by religious emotions or appeals,

For you both, I am your Lord from land to the shore.

Keep your eyes glued to the chair, and not  beyond,

If  you  are slack in your duty, and belie our hope;

The  flames of my  wrath  will  devour  you both,

With your people chasing you with  a noose of rope



 Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.

Lucknow, U.P. India

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