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NATION or a collection of mobs
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EMERGENCY----the last card a broken pakistani heart
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Congrats to all Pakistanis on entering into new era of prosperity and development as Emergency has been proudly Imposed over Islamic REPUBLIC of PAKISTAN by ever patriotic and overwhelmingly courageous President of Pakistan cum Cheif of Army Staff Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf.

congrats again....

see following link for confirmation

distribute sweets and paangrayyy paooo....... mooooooojaaaaaan maaaroooooooo

Musharraf di lambi umar wastay DATA SAAB daigaaaaan charaooo

CONGRATS to PML (Q) as a whole and Ch. Pervaiz all his dreams dreams would come true now......


pray for PAKISTAN

........ a broken pakistani heart
 Reply:   Emergency//sh
Replied by(mazaheer) Replied on (4/Nov/2007)

Emergency is not for us to is for PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, SHEIKH RASHEDD, CHAUDHARY SHUJAHAT, PARVEZ ELAHI, SHAUKAT AZIZ, DURRANI, ANY many more devils sitting out there to eat our country.............
 Reply:   Musharraf lost the war or nerv
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (3/Nov/2007)

Musharraf imposes Martial Law under the name of emergency in Pakistan, Supreme Court rejected this emergency, first time in the history of Pakistan, Supreme Court rejected the emergency

I was praying from last few days, that Musharraf impose Emergency because i have very firm beliefs that this will be the last nail in his coffin.
My salutes to Supreme Court that they stand together.

We as a nation now should kick out this Bast*** into jail and should hang this impostor.
And my request to Nation, we should not forget this sacrifice and courage of of supreme court and after this martial law ends, which will be inshah Allah soon, we should give the appropriate respect to these judges and we should restore Iftikhar Ch as Chief Justice and other judges as well
Please send your suggestion/submission to
Long Live Islam and Pakistan
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